50+ Prayer Points for Family: How To Pray For Family (Or At A Prayer Meeting) With Example Prayers

Prayer is a common word heard throughout the church and religious conversations but what exactly is prayer? Prayer is communication between you and God. Through prayer, we can talk to God and hear from Him. Prayer is a potent and necessary tool, especially in today’s world.

With the assistance of prayer, we can lay our problems and burdens on God; in return, he guides our steps. But what do you pray about? Rather than reciting the same prayer each day, we made this list of over 50 prayer points for family.

Why is it important to pray for your family?

Not only is prayer important on an individual level, but it is also vital for your family. Praying for your family helps to cover them. We all want to protect our loved ones, but we are limited by our physical bodies. We cannot be everywhere they are at all times. Instead of worrying about the safety and well-being of those that we cannot be around 24/7 we pray for them and ask God to protect them, keep them safe, and even help guide their choices.

Though prayer is a powerful form of communication and essential in our daily lives, not everyone understands how to communicate with God. This can be very intimidating, but there is no need to fret. Below are some helpful prayer points for family and examples of prayers that can help to assist you with your talk with God.

50+ Example Prayer Points: Great Prayer Topics For A Prayer Meeting

Here are over 50 points of importance that you can pray about. You can pray for:


  • Safety
  • Healing
  • An upcoming medical procedure
  • The outcome of a medical report
  • General Health
  • Losing weight
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Mental Health

Life Events

  • Getting married
  • Having Children
  • Buying a new home
  • Restoring broken relationships
  • Moving
  • Finding a new job
  • Going back to school
  • Completing a certification
  • Traveling
  • Accomplishing a life dream
  • Meeting a biological parent for the first time
  • Finding true love


  • Their relationship with God
  • Discernment
  • Staying at or leaving a job
  • Moving the family
  • Choosing a church
  • Forgiving someone
  • Taking on a business partner
  • Going through with a plan
  • Choosing a reliable vehicle


  • Choosing a career path
  • Choosing a college
  • Choosing a company to work for
  • What business to start
  • Finding a spouse
  • Having children
  • Adoption
  • Raising Children
  • Getting through a difficult situation
  • Overcoming fear


  • Finances
  • Debt
  • A new home
  • A safe home
  • A reliable vehicle to get to work
  • Safety from a dangerous situation
  • A new job
  • A new family
  • A companion
  • General success
  • Motivation
  • Perseverance
  • Deliverance from a stronghold
  • A sign from God
  • Making a way when it seems impossible
  • A peace that surpasses all understanding
  • Comfort

A Prayer for Family Happiness

A prayer for family happiness brings peace and comfort to members of a household. It helps to create an atmosphere of closeness, providing an opportunity for each person to connect with the divine. It is an intimate way to acknowledge our gratitude for blessings and express our hope that we all can share in those blessings together.

With a prayer for family happiness, we ensure the warmth of familial love will continue to burn brightly for years to come. It gives us just one more chance to show how much we care about one another in a world that sometimes overwhelms us with its demands and expectations. A prayer for family happiness can be as simple or elaborate as desired; whatever works best for everyone involved will make it special.

Example prayer:

Heavenly Father, I come before you today to ask you for happiness and joy to cover every member of my family. Let us each see the value each person brings, let us forgive each other easily, and let us know that we are all children of the Most High God! God, help us to understand how fortunate we are to have one another and appreciate the blessing of family that you have poured out upon us. Let us recognize each and every one of your blessings, and let us rejoice in them. I ask these things in Jesus’ name, amen.

A Prayer for Family Protection: General Safety

A prayer for family protection helps to provide general safety to your family regardless of where they are. Talking to God about your family can help to protect them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Such prayers can help your child to become calm before taking a big test, block them from the wrong influences, or even protect them from physical harm. There is no limit to God’s ability to protect; the only thing you need to do is ask Him to keep your family safe.

Example prayer:

Father God, You are the preserver of men, and the manager of our lives. We submit ourselves to Your ideal care on this day. We pray to you, Father, for a sheltered and favorable day. Give Your Holy Spirit charge over us to keep us. Allow no evil a chance to come upon us, or to influence us in any way.

Guard our tongue, mind, ears, and eyes. Despite the fact that we are unaware of what the days may bring, prepare us Father, so that we may be ready for anything that comes into our path. Not only allow us to be ready but give us the guidance to handle every situation with our mind, heart, eyes, and ears influenced by you. Keep us and protect us so that our family will make it back home safely. Amen

A Prayer for Family Health

There are a host of ailments and situations that can cause the health of a family member to fade. In order to combat this, it is important that we pray to God specifically about the health of the family.

Example prayer:

Heavenly Father, keep our body and mind in perfect peace as a have a lot of work to do in your name. Also, keep the health of my family protected. Protect their health from setbacks and if someone in the family is currently battling ailments in their body then I pray you provide healing to them. Amen

A Prayer for Family Strength: Strength When Facing a Struggle

Struggles can come in many forms: financial, physical, emotional, or even mental. Regardless of the struggle God has the power to handle it all. In order to receive help through your family struggle, it is important to pray so that God can provide a path to a resolution.

Example prayer:

Heavenly Father, You said in Your Word that You will give us power over any negative thing in our lives. You revealed that our faith can move mountains. And Lord today, our family is facing a mountain. Father God gives us the strength, knowledge, and understanding to move this financial mountain out of our way. We thank You for your mercy and grace and for already having this situation worked out for our good. Amen.

A Prayer for Guidance: Discernment for God’s Will and Direction for the Family

Sometimes life can become so overwhelming that we forget who we are ad whose we are. At times such as this it is important to prayer so that God can help us to get ourselves and family back in line with His will.

Example Prayer:

Father God, we give You all of our stresses and concerns and we request Your direction. You see everything, the external conditions, and the internal disturbance. We realize that You understand our life, and that occasionally our heart measures overwhelming with inconvenience. At the present time we lay every one of these things before You. We ask you to guide our footsteps, decisions, and words so that we can live a life that is pleasing to You. Amen

A Prayer for Family Unity: Closeness of the Family

The thief comes to destroy everything that we hold dear, including our family. The family should be protected, even from itself. Sometimes arguments and disagreements can surface and cause a major disconnect in the family but it does not have to stay that way. Prayer can help heal the family unit.

Example prayer:

Father God, I implore that the light of Your face may sparkle into the lives of every individual from my family and that together we may attract each nearer to each other and to You. I ask that you give us the strength and the patience as we work to conquer the difficulties and challenges that we may encounter in our daily lives that may disconnect us from each other. Guide our tongue when we speak to each other so that we may not offend another family member. If we have offended someone in the family then I pray that you allow your Holy Spirit to reveal the offense so that we may ask for their forgiveness and Your’s. Amen

A Prayer for Peace in the Family: Resolution for Any Relationship Conflicts in the Family

Conflicts can easily occur but are hard to fix. Conflicts can last for years and cause the family unit to suffer. God is a healer and he can mend the family unit.

Example prayer:

Almighty Father, thank You that You look after the greater part of Your creation – however Lord, there are situations in our home and family life that are going wrong that it appears that our entire family is going to fall under pressure. Amen

Father I realize that some of our actions have been less than perfect and such flawed actions have created rifts between some of the family members. Lord I come to you asking for forgiveness and guidance. You are the only one that can mend what has been broken and soften our hearts towards one another. Allow us to see the error in our ways, Oh God so that we may approach each other with love and respect. Amen

A Prayer for Family Blessings: Happiness, Abundance, and Prosperity for the Family

God promises prosperity to us in His Word. In order to claim success in prosperity we must align our actions to God’s expectations. In order to complete this task, we must talk to God through prayer.

Example Prayer

Father God in Heaven, I precede You today for prosperity and happiness for myself and for my family. You’re the defender of Daniel and the advocate of the Israelites. Father, favor me so my family and I may succeed in every one of the things that we do in our life. We ask that you allow us to flourish financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Almighty God, I supplicate You to likewise secure us with the goal that we may carry on with a long and productive life In Jesus Name. Amen

The above prayer points for family should help you to strengthen your talks with God. Our family is important to God and us, and as a result, we should speak to Him many times on their behalf as a whole. The examples given can be a great start when praying for your family but be sure to customize them for your family’s exact needs.

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