16 Gift Ideas for Your Grandparents

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Grandparents are really special people in your life who will not be there forever. They are full of wisdom and advice that you cannot get anywhere else- even Google!

Not to mention, if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be on this Earth. Since their time with us is rather short, it’s important that we cherish them, spend time with them, and celebrate them on their important days!

Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Not only should we think of our grandparents on Grandparent’s Day, but also their birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays. Just what kind of gifts would they enjoy? The number one thing you can give them is your attention and time spent with them on their special days, because not a single material thing on this planet can be better than creating memories with these amazing people.

Gifts are always a bonus though, and who doesn’t like to receive a surprise gift? Gift ideas for grandparents are easy to think of as long as it comes from your heart. I know personally, my grandparents always appreciate something handmade with my daughter, their great granddaughter. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to make something by hand, so I will give a good mix of both store bought and DIY gift ideas for grandparents!

  1. Salt Dough Ornaments: If you have little ones and want to do something nice for your grandparents, this is it! You likely have everything you need: Flour, salt, and water. Don’t forget to paint and seal them up! There’s so much you can do with salt dough.
  2. Garden Stepping Stone: If you have pie pans and cement, then you already have almost everything you need! Use scrabble letters to put nice messages on the stones.
  3. Family Photo Collage: Put together a nice collage of both old and new pictures and have it framed in a nice frame. They will love it!
  4. Engraved Pocket Watch: This is a nice, symbolic gift of all of the time they have spent here. Have a nice message engraved on it that is relevant to whatever occasion you are gifting it on.
  5. Home Baked Goods: Oh goodie! Who doesn’t love desserts baked from scratch?
  6. DVD Box Set: Chances are, they have their favorite shows they grew up watching, so find out what those shows are and get them a box set!
  7. 7-in-1 Turntable: Grandparents have lived through many formats of music and likely still have a record and cassette collection! This turntable beats the rest because it can record from records, cassettes, and CDs onto the computer to make digital formats!
  8. Keurig: Bring them up-to-date with their coffee maker, and get this Keurig that brews either single cups, or something more familiar, such as into the 4-cup carafe! Don’t forget to give them a variety of different k-cups to try.
  9. Heated Blanket: This makes for a wonderful winter gift, especially if they are the grandparents who are always seemingly cold!
  10. Toaster oven: This wonderful gift is great because it heats up quickly, it doesn’t take a ton of electricity (especially compared to a regular stove) and it’s fairly compact. Cooking in one of these is simple and fast. I know, I use one almost exclusively!
  11. Foreman Grill: Foreman grills are very versatile and perfect for a couple at home. They are perfect because they take up very little counter space, you don’t have to wait on a stove to heat up, and cleanup is simple. How isn’t that perfect for a grandparent?
  12. Smartphone: Whether they are using that Nokia from the 90’s or a flip phone from 2005, they are probably in need of a modern upgrade and don’t even know it! Just be prepared to be their tech support while they adjust to the new technology.
  13. Foot Bath: Those feet have walked for many, many years, and all body parts wear out eventually! Keep their feet in good shape by gifting them a nice, relaxing foot bath. This won’t be for everyone, but it’s perfect for that grandma that doesn’t mind being pampered every once in a while.
  14. Willow Tree Figurines: This is a very beautiful and very large collection of figurines that can suit any and all occasions! They are warm yet feel very earthy.
  15. Family Cruise: Grandparents are very special, and likely retired, so give them something nice to do together by gifting them a family cruise! What more could grandparents want than the whole family to stop their very busy lives and just spend some great quality time together. No one needs to worry about cooking, cleaning or entertainment. You just need to enjoy each others’ company! Nothing says I love you quite like giving someone your time.
  16. Party: If your grandparents are coming up on a milestone wedding anniversary or birthday, be sure to start planning a large party soon and invite all of their friends and the whole family! It will be a party to remember for sure!

As stated earlier, the most precious gift you can give to your grandparents is your time. Not only is it good for them to know how loved they are, but it will be great for you, too, when they are gone as you will have made plenty of happy memories with them!

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