30 Father-Daughter Activities You Both Can Enjoy

To any loving father, his daughter is a little princess who means the world to him. To a daughter, he is her real-life superhero who will be there for her throughout. Having that strong father-daughter bond and relationship plays a huge role in a child’s growth. A father’s mere presence and guidance will boost her self-esteem, self-confidence, perspective, and opinions on men. On the other hand, a father spending time with her little girl can relieve stress and boost dopamine—the reward and motivation part of the brain. So, as much as possible, spend that father-daughter quality time. Catch up and make the most of your get-together by strengthening your relationship and creating memorable moments. 

There are a lot of bonding activities fathers and daughters can do, whether it’s Father’s Day or a regular Saturday. If you’re a daughter looking to find activities to do with your dad on Father’s Day, a momma planning a special day for her daughter and husband, or a father looking to connect and bond with your little girl, this article is for you!

Father-Daughter Bonding Activities for Children

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Go to a Carnival

Any girl, especially younger ones, would love to go to a carnival. It’s also a chance for Dad to relive his childhood. Both can enjoy various rides, such as carousels, bump cars, or even roller coasters, if they’re adventurous enough to do so. Aside from that, ice cream, cotton candy, and anything sweet and delicious from one of the food stalls is like the ultimate treat! 

Playing some carnival games, such as frisbee toss, balloon and darts, basketball, bottle stand, bulldozer, and the likes are also fun activities to do. Who knows? You may be lucky enough to bring home that biggest teddy bear as a prize. Having a sweet daddy-daughter date at the carnival will definitely make a great day to spend together.

Whip Up the Kitchen

Bonding through kitchen activities is a great way to expose your daughters in the kitchen, and develop their skills to become the master chef in the family. If Dad is a natural cook or wants to develop new skills in the kitchen, it’s also the perfect time to let your daughter whip up the kitchen with you! Try out a new dish together or teach her a special family recipe. Alternatively, you may just cook or bake something delish for the whole fam for lunch or dinner. 

Go Camping

If the weather and the condition permits it, a little father-daughter campout is a great way to expose the little one outdoors. Visit your family’s go-to campsite or Dad’s favorite spot near the mountains or the park, or you may stay nearer and camp out by your backyard. Grab some sleeping bags and tents.

Alternatively, you and your little girl may prepare an indoor fort in the living room, using extra linens, comforters, and pillows, and transform your living room into a campsite. Don’t forget to prepare your camping snacks, stories, and games to make the camping experience more memorable!

Bike Riding

Another simple, yet meaningful father-daughter bonding moment you can do is to ride a bike around your neighborhood or the nearest park, and do a few rounds. It does not only serve as an exercise for both of you, but it allows you to catch up and talk about anything under the sun. 

If your daughter doesn’t know how to ride a bike, then this is the perfect opportunity to teach her how! Guide and support her until she can balance the bike on her own. For sure, it would be a proud dad moment when she’s able to ride a bike on her own.

Hit the Pavement

Make the most of the perfect sunny weekend afternoon by grabbing your roller skates, and hit the pavement! Skating around, hand-in-hand, while the little one learns how to balance by herself is a memory both of you will surely treasure. You may also do this bonding activity during winter when the ground freezes, and it’s time for ice skating. 

Color Together on Father’s Day

Who said you needed to go outside the house to spend an enjoyable day with each other? If you or your little girl is the creative and artistic type (which we’re sure she is!), then this activity is perfect for basking in the beautiful bond you have with each other. Simply spend the afternoon filling in these My Dad and Me Coloring pages and have fun deciding which colors to put on.

Regardless of which combinations you end up going for, this small and simple activity you can do indoors is a great way to celebrate the holiday.

Explore a New Place

This father-daughter activity is perfect if you’re both outgoing, and love to explore and discover new things and places! There may be a new restaurant or cafe downtown you might want to check out, or a shop your daughter would love to visit. This is the sign that you’re looking for! Check them out, and explore what’s in store for the both of you.

Attend or Watch a Sports Game

It’s definitely one of the best father-daughter bonding activities! Never miss out on supporting your favorite team or league by watching their games! Is Dad an avid fan of a team? Surprise him with tickets to watch the game live! 

Are you guys on the same boat or rooting for rival teams? Either way, watching a sports game, whether at home or live, is a father-daughter activity you both can enjoy.

Learn Something New Together

Every single day is an opportunity to learn and discover something new. Why not utilize the time you have together by bonding over new learning or discovery? 

There are tons of resources online you can check out, such as video tutorials, online recipes, how-to blogs, and so much more! All you need to do is surf the web for do-it-your-own activities that you’ll both enjoy doing.

Go to a Museum

A museum daddy-daughter date is both recreational and informational. Dads can teach their daughters about art, history, and life, as the art- or history-loving dad can appreciate the works in the museum. It’s a win-win situation.

However, if going out and physically exploring a museum is not feasible for you, don’t worry because you may still visit several museums around the world without leaving your house! There are museums that are virtually open for you to visit and explore. This can also be an alternative if you both miss going out and traveling to other places.

Break Out the Board Games

This is one of the classic father-daughter bonding activities you can both enjoy. Get those all-time favorite board games, such as Scrabble, Monopoly, chess, and other innovative child-friendly games. To make game night more exciting, give a corresponding consequence to whoever loses—a piggyback ride, a free massage, or a sweet treat to your favorite ice cream shop. 

Do Science Experiments

If your little princess is as curious as a cat, and wants to discover something new as if she’s a scientist, this activity is for you. Teach and do science experiments, and you can both learn something new at the end of the activity. Here’s a list of science experiments you can do and its respective tutorial how to do such:

Take Her to the Gardens

If you’re a plantsman or are interested in horticulture, hone your daughter to have a green thumb early by teaching her how to cultivate your garden. This can teach her the art of patience, and it’s also a great way to share a hobby with her. 

This simple trip to the backyard, planting some flowers and fruit-bearing plants can be so satisfying, especially when your plants come in full bloom and ready to be harvested. 

Make and Fly a Kite

If the weather calls for you to do some quality time together outside, try this activity out. Make and design your own kite, which is easy art you can both do. All the materials you’ll need can be found in your house! After which, you may go to your backyard or the park to fly those kites up high ‘til they reach the sky.

Read All About it

Reading storybooks with your daughter is a memorable bonding moment you can both enjoy, too! Reading her favorite bedtime story, and tucking her into sleep is an intimate moment you’ll find peace in as a father.

Alternatively, you can also bond over making your own storybook! Collaborate with her while she’s still in her creative and imaginative stage, and let’s see where your story will take you. Will you be writing fairy tales or will you be delving into mysterious fiction?

Have a “Can’t Say No” Day

Are you familiar with the “Can’t Say No Challenge” videos on YouTube? Why not do it with your daughter as well? 

Let your little girl take the lead, and give her the freedom to do whatever she asks. Remember, you must always say yes to her challenges (as long as it’s safe for both of you, of course). Can you imagine what adventure this will bring you both? Brace yourself, and have fun all day with this challenge!

Father-Daughter Activities for Tweens and Teens

When you have a tween or teen, her likes and preferences change compared to when she was younger. Nevertheless, she will never trade anything for your bonding activities. These are some father-daughter activities you both can enjoy.

Have a Dinner Date

Dads are never truly ready to admit that their little girls are becoming young ladies, which is why a dinner date with their tween is extremely special and important for both. 

For girls, their dads are their first and best example of what a good man should be. So, it’s important for Dad to show her that she should be treated, loved, and adored just like the princess she is in his eyes. 

Book a reservation at a favorite restaurant or prepare a fancy dinner at home. You can even ask mom’s help with the preparation. No matter if this is a dinner date for Dad or for a daughter, this activity would surely be memorable for both.

Play a Father’s Day Trivia Game

Now that your daughter’s grown, she is ready to become your challenger in this game of Father’s Day trivia the both of you will surely enjoy. Make sure to prepare for a fun and friendly competitive game, because we doubt she’ll go easy on you.

Nature Tripping

This may serve as a mini-retreat as you immerse yourselves in nature. Go on a hike, camp out, or climb a mountain. Refrain from using your gadgets, and be one with nature for the whole day while spending time together.

Video Game Marathons

Bond over a marathon of video games. This is perfect if you both want to have a laidback and chill father-daughter moment. Head on to the living room, turn on those game consoles, and play your favorite video game together!

Another option is to host a tournament or a party room on your favorite game on your mobile devices. For example, you may create a room in mobile games, like Uno or Among Us.

Karaoke Sing-Along

Do both of you have the same taste in music? Or are you fans of musicals and de-stress by singing the night away with your favorite songs? 

A karaoke sing-along at home is a great daddy-daughter bonding moment! You only need your laptops or televisions, good speakers, and a prop mic. There are a lot of karaoke song videos for you to choose from online. It’s best paired with beef jerkys and refreshing drinks.

Watch a Concert Together

Following the previous activity, you may want to watch a concert of your favorite artist or band together! Does Dad have a favorite band when he was a teenager? Surprise him with concert tickets for both of you to watch! Does your daughter go gaga over a pop artist? Take her to see her favorite singers live! Watching a concert together is a fun and memorable way to bond, get closer, and understand each other better. 

Can’t get enough of the word search puzzles in the newspaper? Just in case you didn’t have an activity for Father’s Day yet, spending the afternoon together through this Father’s Day Word Search may just be what you’re looking for. Not only does this ignite your brain cells in this fun competitive sport, the words and themes in this mini-game also remind you of what truly makes this day special.

Be Active Together

Are you both active and into workouts? Have a fun workout date, and hit two birds with one stone. You’re catching up while also taking care of both your physical health. 

Take a trip to the nearest gym, or do home workouts where it’s more convenient and fun for you. You can also create a family workout routine together, and teach the rest of the family, or follow routines from trainers online. It can be a whole event or a weekly father-daughter activity. Don’t forget to do some pre- and post-workout stretching, and stay hydrated! 

Go Thrift Shopping

There are a lot of good finds when you go thrift shopping. It’s like a grown-up treasure hunt at your local shops. Most teenage girls (any girl, really) love shopping, but not all dads do. 

Thrift shopping can be fun, though, especially if you like finding (and wearing) designer pieces for half the price. Items, such as home decor, books, and fashionable pieces, are some of the bounties you can get here. This activity can be a teaching moment about finances and budgeting, as you both buy quality items without breaking your wallets too much. 

Jump the Waves

Are you the type of father-daughter duo who get a daily dose of vitamin sea by jumping into the waves or chasing the sun by the seashore? Then, this quality bonding moment is right for you! 

Go to your favorite beach spot or explore a new beach nearby, if time permits. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, sunnies, and take pictures together as a memento.

Movie Night

Make some popcorn, and prepare the room for a father-daughter movie night. Catch the newest movie in town, bingewatch a series you’re both interested in, or watch some classic father-daughter-themed movies. This is a perfect way to slow down time and de-stress from work and school.

Teach or Learn Self-Defense Together

As daughters start to be more independent and older, knowing self-defense practices can be beneficial to them. This skill can come in handy when fortuitous events come along the way, and it can build character as well. Also include simple tips and hacks to fight back if someone harasses her or when there’s a burglar around. 

Also, have her memorize emergency hotlines to help her, especially if you’re not around to protect her. Aside from that, learning new techniques for self-defense together broadens your skills and knowledge, and also provides a fun activity. 

Be Volunteers for a Day

Lend a hand and share the love by becoming volunteers for a day with your daughter. There’s nothing more meaningful than sharing your blessings to the less fortunate and to those who need it the most. 

You may give some food and care packages to the homeless, to shelters, and to charities and organizations. Surely it would make their day and warm their hearts. Alternatively, you can also clean your closets, and donate those to the less fortunate. 

Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk

Having a heart-to-heart talk with your daughter is a meaningful father-daughter activity. Spare some time, and just talk about anything under the sun—may it be about life, academics, or relationships. 

Ask her how she’s been, if something’s bothering her, or if she’s having difficulty in school or elsewhere. Asking about her well-being and understanding her perspectives can help her swim back to the shore if she’s drowning inside with her problems and thoughts. 

Take this opportunity to listen to her deeper thoughts without prejudice and judgments. Make her feel that you are with her to hold her hand if she’s having a rough time. This can also help make your daughter know that her thoughts and feelings are listened to and valid, resulting in her opening up and sharing more of her thoughts.

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For daughters, simple moments like these show how their dad is making an effort to extend the extra mile just to spend time with her. 

For dads, seeing their daughter making an effort to be with them no matter how old she is, is a heartwarming gesture. A father-daughter bond is irreplaceable and more special than other relationships in this world.PS. Still looking for a great Father’s Day card that shows your love and appreciation for your old man? Head on over to our Etsy shop where you can download a copy.

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