10 Activities to Do with Dad for Father’s Day Week

Only once a year do we get to celebrate the true heroes in our lives, our Dads. They, who sacrificed their time to provide for what we need and to ensure we lead happy lives, all deserve a day and more to be thanked for all that they’ve done for the family.

Whether your dad’s a serial sports junkie, a lover of music and arts, or a relaxed and laidback guy who best enjoys his morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a sheet of newspaper on the other, we’ve listed all the fun activities for Father’s Day, so you can have the best time with him, all week long.

Father’s Day Activities to Do with Dad

Wondering about the different types of activities you can do with Dad to celebrate the entire week of Father’s Day? Keep on reading for 10 of our ideas and recommendations that will make Dad smile.

Host a Movie Marathon

Everybody loves a good movie night. And when you’re trying to celebrate your dad’s special occasion, it wouldn’t hurt to let him take the reins and have him choose a film of his liking for once.

Grab some popcorn, some snacks, and buckle up for an exciting marathon with the family. Sure you may be in for an action-packed treat, a sports showdown, or whatever it is that suits your dad’s fancy, but if that’s what’ll make him happy, why not? For sure, he’ll feel special and loved with an activity like this that you all planned for him.

Play Games All Night Long

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We all know our Dads are huge kids-at-heart. On his special Father’s Day Week, hosting a thrilling family game night is a wonderful idea that will have you all laughing to your happy hearts’ content all night long. You can choose to play a classic round of Charades or an inquisitive game of Who Am I. Either way, any of these are guaranteed to give you hours of non-stop fun, so as long as you have the time, why not play more? Besides, the more the merrier, right?

Treat to a Delicious Homemade Dinner

You know the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” This quote proves to be true, especially when you’re making Dad a special dish you made with love for him on Father’s Day. After all, food is a great way to express your love and appreciation towards someone, so we’re sure Dad will feel just the same from your efforts, if not more. 

Whether it be by recreating his favorite meal or researching recipes that he will surely love, celebrations are always best enjoyed with food, so this one is a definite no-brainer. 

Have a Sports Day

If your Dad’s a big sports fan, but he hasn’t been able to play or watch his games due to his busy schedule, then a fun sports day with the family might just be what he needs to set the ball rolling. Whether you choose to play basketball, football, or even just a fun simple game of catch, spending your afternoon playing the sport he likes may make him feel appreciated by the people he loves the most.

Give him a Lazy Day

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Just because Dad is an adult, doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a rest day. Even if it seems like he’s managing fine on his own, of course there would still be days when he’d prefer to slack off and do nothing. So in celebration of Father’s Day, why not give him this thoughtful present that will make him feel like he’s appreciated?

That’s right, prepare to delegate some chores and get to work, because Dad’s lazy day means you’re on call. If you truly want this to be a chillout day for your dad, you’re going to need to pull out all the stops so he won’t have to think about taking over. Make sure he’s able to rest easy knowing you’ve got everything covered and that he really doesn’t need to do anything. If the point is to get him to relax and not worry about anything, you know what you have to do to make that happen, right?

Host a Barbecue

A backyard BBQ? Oh yeah, nothing tickles your dad’s fancy as much as meat and grilling does. On the weekday or weekend of your choice, stock up on some pork and beef and have a fun intimate barbecue with the family alongside your Dad’s choice of drink.

Go Camping

Exploring the wilderness is most definitely a thrilling experience for us, but this is most especially true for our Dads. To make your Father’s Day celebration all the more fun and exciting, simply pick a spot, and choose a viable place to host your camping trip. 

We all know how much they enjoy fishing among other outdoor activities, too, so bonus points if you find a place that caters to all your Dad’s other hobbies. Either way, doing so will not only make your father happy on his special day, but also create a beautiful bonding time for everyone involved.

Have an At-Home Spa

Who said only women enjoy a refreshing R&R session? For Father’s Day, instead of assuming your dad doesn’t want that nice massage or foot spa, give them exactly what he needs to turn his day around and host a mini spa at home.

Take out your essential oils, and start by making the place smell divine and refreshing. Set up a good mood lighting around the house with the help of candles and warm lights, and book a masseuse to guarantee the best, most relaxing experience for Dad. Who knows? It may just be exactly what he needs to make his day.

Garage and Car Cleaning.

Dads are more often car enthusiasts, and they love hanging around in the garage. They love to tinker around with their tools and create or fix things around the house. If this is the case for your dad, why not give his most prized possessions the type of cleaning and organization they deserve?

Okay, perhaps we’re exaggerating a little bit there, but we’re sure you agree that the car and garage both need a little TLC. In preparation, bust out the tools, equipment, and organizers that will truly make his space a sight to behold. We also know your dad’s car is one of the things he uses everyday to get to and from work or to run errands for the house, so it’s only a must to include this in your cleaning and organization project, too. 

Work on a Project Together

Perfect for families with small children, this activity is the best way to get your little kids involved and get them to bond together with Dad. Know what we’re talking about? Of course, this one is about hosting a project-making session with the family.

Depending on their age and interests, the projects can range from something as simple as coloring in a page with Dad and the kids, or something as free and creative as making your own DIY project. Whichever route you go, this is something that the kids will definitely enjoy doing, as they show their dad how much they love him.


Just like Mom, Dad needs to have a day that’s all about him, and the rest of the family showing their love and appreciation for all that he does. It would be best to plan ahead and make sure you get a full week of fun activities lined up so you and your Dad can have the best time together.

We hope you found this article helpful, and if you’re ever in need of any more ideas for Father’s Day, or any other special occasion, you can visit our Etsy shop for more of our printables.

Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads! Here’s to having a good one. ‘Til next time!

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