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Centerpieces are not simply just something to put in the middle of the table; they are to be beautiful, elegant or simple, decorations on every table that really bring the other decorations together!  They can be so decorative that you might not need many other decorations, or so simple that they just add the perfect finishing touch to the look you are trying to achieve.

Every event where there is a large gathering of people and tables present, should have centerpieces, and family reunions included!  However you want to use them, they need to look good or it will defeat the purpose of a decoration!  So how exactly do you make family reunion centerpieces look good?

Tips for Planning Your Table Decorations

Here’s a few tips for making family reunion centerpieces:

  • Table size:  Before making centerpieces, take into consideration the size of the tables.  Making the centerpieces too small, well you might as well not have any.  Making them too big, they’ll just be awkward!
  • Theme:  If there is a theme to the family reunion, this is one of the best places to utilize it.  If there is no theme, it is not a bad idea to consider at least a color scheme to make the event look nice.
  • Think family:  Using family pictures, code of arms, colors from country of origin, or any family-known symbols will all make for great ideas when making the centerpieces, and make it personal to your family.
  • Make it edible:  Who doesn’t like food?  Don’t make the whole thing edible if you choose this route, because then there won’t be any pretty centerpiece left to marvel at!
  • Consider the venue:  If you are outside on or near a beach, then something edible wouldn’t be a good idea, unless you plan on hiring someone to keep the seagulls away!
  • Incorporate the favors:  Speaking of birds, incorporating your favors is like killing two birds with one stone!  Decorations and favors in one!

Fun DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Family reunion centerpieces can be fun to make, especially if you call upon the help of other family members!  Make it a fun time, and consider these ideas:

  • Flower pot flower pens:  Using ceramic flower pots found in any garden center, paint them to match the theme.  Take pens and fake flowers, attach the flowers to the pens by wrapping them with green floral tape all the way down so that the pen becomes the stem.  You’ll fill the flower pots with whatever you desire, and stick the pens inside!
  • Family tree with pictures:  Find branches and twigs that are strong, spray paint them or leave them natural color, place in a flower pot or mason jar, and clip pictures to hang from the branches.
  • Mason jars:  Mason jars are one of the most versatile little things ever.  They make great and easy centerpieces!  Fill with water and fresh flowers, or place some stones inside with a family picture.  Don’t forget to tie a pretty bow around the lip of the jar!
  • Fish:  Betta fish are gorgeous little creatures and make for some wonderful decoration!  Fill a fish bowl with pretty stones, a little plant, and a betta.  Don’t forget a little bit of food.  Oh, and laminate pictures to place in the fishbowl!
  • Framed pictures:  Using personalized frame for favors, or just a bunch of different sized frames, have pictures of family embellishing every table in the venue! For an fun, artsy feeling, shop for frames at your local thrift store. The mix of styles will make the table decorations for your reunion more playful and affordable!
  • Watermelon bowl:  Cut watermelons in half whichever way you desire, remove the melon from the inside, and use the green bowls as planters, or flip it upside down and use it to stick in some skewer treats!
  • Glow sticks:  If you are having an evening barbecue outside, or a formal family reunion banquet dinner in a dim room, illuminate the tables with glow sticks!  Simply place some in a fish bowl with water, or in mason jars with pictures, and you have an attractive decoration!

Coming up with a good family reunion centerpiece is not a difficult thing to do when you are considering your family reunion’s individual theme amongst other things.  Always make sure you make one ahead of time to be certain it is the very decoration that the reunion needs, or make them all ahead of time if it is a centerpiece that will hold up well.  Make your centerpieces the center of attention!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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