10 Valentine’s Day Games for Kids

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What’s one fun thing that kids look forward to on Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day games! For kids, this is an exciting holiday both at home and in school, often accompanied with candy, cards, crafts, and fun!

Valentine’s Day Games For Kids

Whether you’re a teacher, a mom, or even an older sibling, you probably found this page because you are in search of a few good Valentine’s Day games for kids. Well, you came to the right place!

Here’s a list of fun Valentine’s Day games for kids to enjoy!

Valentine’s Word Search: Use a word search program or find one online. Kids will have a fun time racing to see who can finish it first! Words must be Valentine’s Day related: Heart, cupid, love, hugs, kisses, candy, Valentine, cards, and so on.

Conversation Hearts Race: Fill a plate with conversation hearts and supply each child with a pair of chopsticks and a cup. Set the clock for five minutes and watch as they race to see who can get the most in their cup using only the chopsticks!

Cupcake Decorating: Bake cupcakes and let the kids do the rest! Supply them with different colors and flavors of icing, Valentine’s candies, and little things they can embellish the cupcakes with!

Cupid Says: This is a spin off of Simon Says, but instead of Simon, we have our Valentine’s mascot Cupid! Don’t forget to make what Cupid says Valentine’s Day themed, such as “Cupid says hug a friend!”

Candy Guessing Game: Fill a jar with Valentine’s Day candies, including conversation hearts. Have each child guess how many conversation hearts they think are in the jar. Closest guess wins the whole jar of candy!

Valentine’s Pictionary: Same rules as Pictionary but with a Valentine’s Day twist! Draw things such as cupid, hearts, Cupid’s arrow, etc.

Heart Toss: Make some heart-shaped bean bags and using a regular bean-bag toss games, replace the bean bags with the heart-shaped ones and let the kiddos have at it!

Who Do I Love?: Sit the kids in a circle and give one of them a heart-shaped pillow to hold onto. In order for a child to talk, they must be the one holding the pillow! Taking turns passing the pillow, each child must say who they love and name one thing they love about that person.

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of items that each team of 5 must find. Five to 10 items is appropriate. They must be Valentine’s Day related and there should be enough of each item for each team to make it fair!

The Great Heart Lace Race: Punch holes around the edges of large heart cutouts and give each child one along with a long piece of yarn. At the sound of GO, all kids will begin weaving the yarn around the heart!

When planning Valentine’s Day activities, be sure to plan so that everything is age-appropriate. This will ensure that no child gets frustrated and feels left out because they can’t do something. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and happy feelings, after all!

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