Funny Valentine’s Day Poems for Kids

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Funny Valentine’s Day Poems are the perfect for children to write in their handmade Valentine’s cards. Whether it’s for a mother, father, sibling, friend, or crush, we have you covered!

Kids often come up with their own funny Valentine’s Day poems all on their own. If you’ve ever heard the saying “kids say the darndest things,” then you should read some of the poems that come out of those genius little brains of theirs!

Here are a few examples of funny Valentines Day poems that would be perfect for those sweet, little Valentines Day cards they like to hand out:

For Mom

Mom, you are the best,
the sweetest there is around.
Whenever I am sad
you turn that frown upside down!

I love you so much
and just wanted to say
to my very first valentine,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

For Dad

Daddy, there’s no one like you
To put a smile on my face
Make me giggle oh so much
while you tickle me all over the place!

Daddy, you are so special to me.
I am a daddy’s girl, it’s true
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Nobody can ever replace you.

For Grandparents

You are my grandparents
therefore I am blessed,
because you gave me parents
who are truly the best!

I love you guys with all my heart
Happy Valentine’s Day,
I totally made you this card!

For Friends

Valentines day is not only for lovebirds
But for friends we love, too!
I would be a complete wreck each day
if it weren’t because of you!

Thank you, bestie,
for always being by my side
I love you always!
You are my bestie Valentine!

For Crush

Hearts are red
The sky is blue
Have I ever mentioned
How much I REALLY like you?

I think about you often,
actually all the time.
So I ask you this:
Will you be my Valentine?

For Sibling

If it weren’t for the constant squabbles
and calls for attention from Momma
I wouldn’t have to lock myself inside my room
and write letters to Obama!

Then again, if it were all quiet
Things would seem so boring
Thanks for being a great brother/sister
Now can you put a stop to your snoring?!

One, Two S’mores

One, Two, happy Valentines Day to you!
Three, four, let’s make some s’mores!
Five, six, let’s take some pics.
Seven, eight, soulmates!
Nine, ten, let’s make s’mores again!

Writing Your Own Poems

If your child needs help writing, here’s some brainstorming tips that will help them along:

  • Who they are writing for: Have them focus on the person they are making the card for. Instruct them to write out a few different words that describe how they feel about this person. Come up with words that rhyme and then let them use their own creativity to put them in sequence!
  • Valentine’s things: Give them a few words that are related to Valentine’s Day, such as love, hearts, roses, chocolate, happy, etc.
  • Use gifts: If they made or bought a gift for someone special, have them look at and think about the gift and perhaps it can help them write their poem.
  • Give them a snack: While they are writing, having something to snack on might help them focus. It’s always hard to write when you’re hungry!

They will be on their way to writing the perfect Funny Valentine’s Day poems in no time!

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