25 Retirement Gifts for Women

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Have a lovely lady in the family retiring? Well then you will be in need of some retirement gifts for women!

Retirement is a very special time in anyone’s life and should be recognized by retirement gifts. For women, it means a lot to receive a gift on any occasion, and luckily, they are pretty easy to shop for!

Here’s a list of retirement gifts for women that are sure to impress!

Gift Ideas Under $15

Retirement Mug: She will enjoy her morning coffee in this beautiful mug for many years to some! A subtle picture with a nice message makes this the perfect gift for anyone retiring!

Retired Tiara and Satin Sash: Throwing a retirement party for her? Then she’d better have a tiara announcing that she is the queen of this party!

“Things to Do Now That You’re Retired” Book: With retirement comes a lot of leisure time, so why not fill that time reading a book that will tell you other ways that you can fill that time?

“Happy Retirement” Charm: Beautiful retirement charm for the lady who is charm bracelet crazy!

“Life Is Good” Ring Keychain: Whether she will be traveling or you will be gifting a key to something on this keychain, this is a great little gift!

Retired Wings & Wishes Angel Pin: Pins are nice and with this one, she will have a guardian angel wherever she goes, one that reminds her to relax because she’s retired!

Gift Ideas Under $30

  • Retirement Angel Figurine: When a woman retires, it’s always a good idea to get her some nice things that she can enjoy in her home. This angel would be perfect for any room!
  • Sweet Reward Clock: A little clock in a frame with a nice retirement message makes this a wonderful universal gift for retirees.
  • Cottage Garden Music Box: This gift will really be music to her ears, with a beautiful retirement message on top! Fill it with something such as chocolates.
  • Retirement Gift Wine Glass: If she likes her wine, then she will probably be joining a few ladies every once in a while, so get her a glass that says she’s retired!
  • Azalea Bonsai Tree: Bonsais are pretty to look at and make a great gift for any occasion, really!

Gift Ideas Under $50

“Because You’re Special” Gift Box: A decorative gift box filled with teas, gourmet treats, a nice picture frame and more! Beautiful gift for your retiring loved one.

Retirement Gift Bracelet: This is a nice gift to give a mother or sister who is retiring. The bracelet might not say anything about retirement, but it comes with a card that does, and she will always remember who and when she got this from!

Ladies Irish Pendant Watch: Irish, are we? Then she will certainly be able to appreciate this pendant watch!

Personalized Hourglass Keepsake: Chances are, she has never had a real hour glass, so personalize it and surprise her!

Beginners Crochet Kit: Hobbies are an important thing to have in order to have a successful retirement. If she doesn’t already, get her into crocheting!

Scrapbooking Deluxe Package: Scrapbooking is a fun pastime activity and she likely has many pictures that she never had time to put in an album before! Well now she has the time.

Flowering Tea Pot Set: Such a gorgeous gift to warmly welcome a loved one to the retired life!

Gift Ideas Under $100

Art of Appreciation Gift Basket: Wow her with this gorgeous and unique gift basket! A handcrafted gift basket brimming with cookies, almonds, chocolate and more!

Tree of Life Large Glass Ball: She’s probably never seen anything like it before, but one thing’s for sure, she will adore it!

Gourmet Tea and Snacks Tower: Retirement time is snack time, right? Well, let her bask in that one for a little while with this yummy treat tower!

Wine Accessory Set: If she is a wine connoisseur, she needs this nice set!

Gardening Gift Basket: Gardening is a wonderful and healthy hobby to pick up at retirement, so give her everything she needs to get started!

You really can’t go wrong with any of these retirement gifts for women! No matter what you decide to get, be sure to get her some chocolate too, because what woman doesn’t love chocolate?

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