Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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Scavenger hunts are a great time, and can be used as an icebreaker during a family reunion event.  Family reunion scavenger hunts can be traditional, where you have to find “things” on a list, or as a way to get you to talk to others by collecting signatures of those whom items in the scavenger hunt describe.  Here, we will focus on getting to know things about the family by gathering signatures.

How To Play

For this version of scavenger hunt, you will not be collecting things, rather collecting signatures on a sheet of paper.  Weeks before the reunion, everyone must give the committee a few facts about themselves, three is normally a good number.  The committee must then take one fact from each person and compile a long list of facts, omitting the names, of course.  This becomes the “hunt” part.

During the allotted time period for the family reunion scavenger hunt, 1-2 hours depending on how many family members are there, everyone is given a pen and the sheet of paper full of facts and must find the family member for each fact and get their signature next to the correct fact.


Rather than using facts about family members, you can create a list of general descriptions, such as “I am a police officer” or “I own a business.”  This way, it can be a bit harder as the signature slots start to fill up!  In either variation, each person can only sign in one place on the sheet.  Whoever finishes first, or whoever has the most signatures when time is called is the winner!

If you don’t like the idea of collecting signatures, you can always do a nature hunt where you have to find things as described on the paper, such as “find three different flowers” or if doing a photo scavenger hunt “take a picture of a birds nest.”  Once time is called, the sheet should be taken from the winner and answers should be validated.  If you see a signature from Grandma Sally next to “I can do a back handspring,” a demonstration is probably in order to prove it!


You probably need some examples for your worksheets if you are not doing the one that involves facts, so here’s a few general things that may describe people in your family:

  1. I am a police officer
  2. I am a small business owner
  3. I can do a back handspring
  4. I can sing opera
  5. I can do a good Elvis Presley impression
  6. I am a veteran
  7. I can sing the national anthem a cappella
  8. I only have nine toes
  9. I licked a frozen pole
  10. I can do standup comedy
  11. My hair is really grey, I just dye it
  12. I love shopping
  13. I have three kids
  14. I go to church every Sunday
  15. I don’t believe in ghosts
  16. I often run into walls
  17. I work in customer service
  18. I can hop on one foot while juggling
  19. I like turtles
  20. I’m the tallest in my family
  21. Every scale I step on lies
  22. I am superstitious
  23. I’m a sucker for babies
  24. I can play the violin
  25. I have never been in a car accident
  26. I have broken more than 5 bones
  27. I can draw portraits
  28. I am a vegetarian
  29. I know a bible verse for everything
  30. I’m an adrenaline junkie
  31. I’ve been skydiving
  32. I’ve caught a huge fish
  33. I can drive standard cars
  34. My favorite food is bacon
  35. I have more than three cats
  36. I collect rocks
  37. I’ve been married twice
  38. I’m a twin
  39. I am one of five children
  40. I love Jesus
  41. I’ve lived in 3 or more states
  42. My lucky number is 7
  43. My favorite movie is a Pixar movie
  44. I like figure skating
  45. I’ve been on a cruise ship
  46. I shop at Walmart
  47. I can play piano
  48. I have a dog weighing more than 80lbs
  49. I worked at McDonald’s
  50. My favorite beverage is Mountain Dew

Now that you have an idea on the types of things you will be looking for in your family members in order to get their signatures, it’s time to make a list that is specific to your family.  Make it a fun game, that’s what it’s about!  Don’t be afraid to include some outrageous things!    Oh, and every family reunion scavenger hunt should have a big finish, so make the very last item something hilarious that they have to do, such as shave one leg (if they’re a guy), or paint on a clown mask without a mirror!

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