DIY Gift Ideas for Grandma

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Grandmas are very special and so deserving of our time, considering all of the time they spent with us growing up. If there’s anything that they love more than spending time with their grandkids, it’s a gift made by hand from their grandkids; something that they will have to always serve as a reminder of how much they truly are loved.

DIY Gift Ideas for Grandma

When it comes to DIY gift ideas for grandma, you really can’t go wrong no matter what you make! She will marvel at the masterpiece either way, knowing that you put your whole heart into making her something special! If you need some DIY gift ideas for grandma, here’s some to make while getting the kids, grandkids, and even the great grandkids involved!

  • You Are My Sunshine painting: Paint a canvas in any color the sky turns, whether it’s blue, gray, or the many colors of a sunrise or sunset. Paint a yellow/orange circle to be the sun and utilize the hands of the grandkids to be the raise of the sun. Next to it, paint the message “you are my sunshine.”
  • Salt dough plaques: Mix two parts flour, one part salt, and one part warm water in a bowl, roll the dough out on a floured surface and make a nice plaque using hand prints, foot prints, or whatever suits your artistic side! Make sure you put a hole in the top to string it. Bake on 200F for a few hours until hard, paint and seal!
  • Handprint apron: Grandma is always baking those sweet treats,so give her something nice to wear while she is baking! Buy a plain canvas apron and use a washable fabric paint to make handprints and write names of all her grandbabies!
  • Teacup candles: Have a knack for candle-making? Put the kids to work to help out by picking out nice teacups, wax colors, and scents,and even sprinkling some glitter in the wax! Use puffy paint to write the names of the grandkids on the top of the plate of the teacup and the year it was made.
  • Footprint butterflies: This is a very sweet keepsake painting that grandkids of any size can make! Some butterflies will just be more grown than others, but cherished just the same!
  • Framed handprint flower: So simple, yet beautiful and elegant, grandma would love this! More than one grandchild? Simply turn the canvas horizontally and make a whole garden of handprint flowers!
  • Stepping stones: Grandma would love something for her garden made by her grandkids! Take this idea and mix it with other things, like using glass marbles to make the name of the grandkids on each stepping stone.
  • Photo clothespin wreath: Take this idea and replace the tea with photos of all of the grandkids. The kids will have lots of fun painting the clothespins and taking silly pictures!

Whether you’re making a craft for mother’s day, grandparent’s day, grandma’s birthday, or even just because, she will love anything that you make with all of your heart!

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