Thanksgiving Family Games to Play

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Gobble gobble! Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is all about fun, games, good food, and last but not least, family! With the many hours spent together over the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s certainly not all spent eating (well, we all have that one family member with a bottomless stomach who doesn’t gain a pound).

Anyway, you probably need a few activities to pass the time while bonding together as a family because that’s what Thanksgiving is really all about! Playing Thanksgiving family games is the perfect way to have fun and pass some time before that much anticipated Thanksgiving meal (and after!)

Games to Play Before Dinner

Here are few Thanksgiving family games you won’t want to miss!

Leaf Pile: Grab the rakes and gather the leaves because these aren’t going to be ordinary leaf piles! Each team competes to make the best fall picture they can outside by shaping a pile of leaves. Can you do it before the fall wind blows it away? Hint: The picture can be flat on the ground.

Pie Decorating Contest: There’s always lots of pies at Thanksgiving gatherings, and if there’s not quite enough for everyone (which is likely the case), team up! Each team will have five minutes to decorate their pies with the best fall picture possible! Everything used to decorate must be edible!

Sweet Potato Sculptures: Grab your knives because turkey is not the only thing being carved this year! For the kids, give them a chunk of Play-Doh shaped like a sweet potato and a utensil that has no sharp edges. Best kid and best adult sculpture wins first choice of Turkey cut at dinner!

What’s That Smell?: So many sides, so little time! Right before dinner while waiting for that turkey timer to pop, set all of the sides out covered in foil, with only one edge lifted so the aroma comes out without the food being seen. Everyone must go down the line, take a whiff and record on a piece of paper what they think each side is! Whoever guesses the most correctly gets first dibs on the food!

Fall Pictionary: Have a few artists in the family? Good! Play Pictionary with a fall twist for a fun Thanksgiving game!

Fall Charades: If you have the game Guesstures, you can make your own cards out of poster board; if not, stick with the ol’ draw paper out of a hat method. You know the rules!

Musical Turkey: Having a hard time deciding who gets to get food first, even just amongst the kids? Form a circle around the table, making sure there is one less chair than there is people and have someone man the music. Each time the music stops, sit in the chair closest to you. Whoever is standing is out and takes a chair. The game continues until one person is left, and they get to get served first! Alternate version: Form a circle around the table. Each time the music stops, whoever the turkey is pointing at with it’s legs is out (this could be two people).

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: Put together a scavenger hunt themed for fall! Be sure to set some fair ground rules, then send everyone on their way!

These Thanksgiving family games are pretty simple and require things that are commonly found in anyone’s home on Thanksgiving. If they don’t make you want to get up and shake your tail feathers, then you’re last to get some turkey!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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