Happy Thanksgiving Card Messages to Family

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Many of us have places to be on Thanksgiving and often times, we don’t stop and think about those who cannot join us this year! Giving someone a Thanksgiving card is the very least we can do whether it’s a family member, close friend, or the host of the show!

Making your own card is the best way to go as it is more personal. You need to think of some good Thanksgiving card messages to include in the card, whether it’s a good quote, Thanksgiving poem, Bible verse, or just a few nice, heartwarming words.

What to Say in a Thanksgiving Card

Here are some Thanksgiving card messages that would make great Thanksgiving cards:

  1. Wishing you a Thanksgiving full of more stuff than your turkey!
  2. Thinking about you during this beautiful fall holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Wishing you could be here to celebrate with us. Don’t worry, I’ll eat enough for the both of us! Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. Praying that nothing but smiles, laughter, and love are what fills your day. Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. If you hear any gobbles today, you’d better get that turkey back in the oven! Happy Turkey Day!
  6. Thank the Lord for each blessing on this beautiful day. Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. If we are what we eat, does that mean we are all turkeys? Gobble Gobble!
  8. I am thankful and blessed to call you family. Here’s to wishing you warmth on your skin, food in your belly, and a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  9. Praying that you have a meal to fill your stomach, love to fill your heart, and family to fill your home this Thanksgiving. Amen
  10. Happy Turkey Day! Make it a good one! (The turkey, that is!)
  11. Never forget the true meaning of Thanksgiving, and be sure to thank God for it all! Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. What’s the golden rule on Thanksgiving? I cook, you clean! Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. When our family gets together, it becomes very apparent just how BIG and abundant our blessings really are! Happy Thanksgiving!
  14. Counting your blessings is like trying to count the stars, just be thankful and humble. Happy Thanksgiving!
  15. Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to get together with all of your crazy family at once. Happy Turkey Day!
  16. I am thankful for all God has blessed us with. I am thankful for yesterday and today. I am thankful for Thanksgiving and a wonderful family. Happy Thanksgiving
  17. What’s the best part about Thanksgiving? The turkey coma that follows. Happy Thanksgiving!
  18. May your blessings be abundant, today and all year round! Happy Thanksgiving to you!
  19. Thanksgiving starts a holiday season of joy, cheer, and blessings all year! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and many more!
  20. Praying for a joyous Thanksgiving, a happy holiday season, and a prosperous new year!
  21. Bringing you warm greetings and happy wishes this Thanksgiving!
  22. Family is the best part about Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, I’m thankful to have you as a blessing in my life!
  23. May peace and love surround you through Thanksgiving and forevermore! Happy Thanksgiving!
  24. May your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with all things great! Happy Thanksgiving!
  25. Here’s a toast to the one we love most, His name is Jesus! Thank him for all of your blessings this Thanksgiving and everyday. Happy Thanksgiving!
  26. Sending you warm wishes this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!
  27. Thanksgiving is a day of thankfulness and fun for everyone! Wishing you could be here with us this year. Sending our love to you!
  28. There’s just something about autumn and the Thanksgiving holiday that’s so captivating. Sending warm wish your way for a Happy Thanksgiving day!
  29. Wishing you the very best that Thanksgiving can bring: Family, food, and fun! Be thankful for your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!
  30. Rejoice in family, rejoice in the Lord. Always give thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

You don’t have to make the whole card on your own if you don’t have the time. Card stores sell blank cards for the very purpose of writing in your own message. Take one of these Thanksgiving card messages and use it in your card. A family member will appreciate a card more than you know, especially those who cannot join you this year!

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