Thanksgiving Poems for Kids

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Poems, poems are such much fun! Poems, poems for everyone! Every major holiday is poem-worthy, especially Thanksgiving! What better poems to recite before dinner or at the Thanksgiving gathering than Thanksgiving poems for kids?

I just love hearing a sweet child’s voice read a poem aloud, and when it is a poem that they wrote or even just one meant for kids, it’s that much more adorable! Some families choose to say grace by way of a poem, while others like to read them for fun. Whatever the case, you’re here because you need some Thanksgiving poems for kids!

Here are a few fun Thanksgiving poems for kids that you may use as you please!


Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes
Will it last? No one knows!
Seconds, seconds is what I need
I’m on my knees, begging please!
Extra gravy, hold the cranberries!

Say Grace

Grace before dinner
Thank you, Jesus, for everything on my plate
And for bringing us all together again
The least we can do is say Grace.

Thank you so much for this good food
Good company, cheers, and memories too!
None of this would be possible without you
So thank you, Jesus, cheers to you!


I am thankful for my family
I am thankful for my friends
I am thankful for Thanksgiving
I hope it never ends!

I am thankful for this turkey
and the fun we share today
I am thankful to be thankful
In the thank-fullest way!

One, Two

One, two
Here’s some turkey for you.

Three, four
Here, have some more!

Five, six
I call the drum sticks!

Seven, eight
Load the plate!

Nine, ten

Gobble, Gobble!

Gobble, gobble
Turkey trot
Get up and dance
I just cannot!

Gobble, gobble
Turkey dinner
Thanksgiving games
And I’m the winner!

Gobble Gobble
Thankgiving’s fun
Gobble, gobble,

When it comes to Thanksgiving poems for kids, always ask them to write one on their own to see what they can come up with because kids really do say the darndest things! If they don’t feel like writing one on their own, have them read a few and they might just find one they think is silly enough to read!

Fun With Poems

If you are looking for a few ways to have fun with the Thanksgiving poems for kids, there’s a few different ways! Here’s some things you can do with these:

Mad libs: Take a few words out of each poem and leave a blank, indicating what kind of word goes there: noun, adjective, verb, adverb, and so on. Make copies so each person has one. Everyone will go through and fill in the blanks without reading the poem, then when finished, they will read them aloud to see how much more silly the poems have become!

Draw from a hat: Place a few different poems in a hat and each person will draw one from the hat to read to the family.

Freestyle: On pieces of paper, list four to eight words related to Thanksgiving that must be used in a poem, and whoever drew that piece of paper must freestyle a poem aloud! You may wish to allow a couple of minutes to think of ways to word the poem, but doing it spontaneously is a lot more fun!

Thanksgiving is all about having fun with your family, and throwing a few cute poems into the mix will always make for a great time!

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