7 Crowd Pleasing Potluck Casseroles

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Having a family reunion potluck? Well then you’d better consider bringing a couple of delicious potluck casseroles! The great thing about casseroles is if you are chosen to bring a main dish or a side, a casserole can fill either role (mmm, rolls, bring those too)!

With so many different kinds of casseroles to choose from for your family reunion potluck, your head might be spinning trying to decide what to bring. Here, I have compiled a list of a bunch of amazing casseroles to bring to your family reunion potluck. Okay, it might more difficult to choose from this list of potluck casseroles because they are all mouth-watering good, but at least the vast list of casseroles has been narrowed.

Choosing A Casserole Recipe

How do you go about choosing the perfect casserole? Well, it all depends on a few different things, and all things should be considered:

  • Time of day: Family reunions tend to run for a few days consecutively, so there is a chance that there could be a potluck breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or even all three)! So, it’s best to choose a casserole that is suitable for the meal in which it will be served.
  • Type of dish: Depending on how your family is coordinating the family reunion potluck, you might have your pick of the dish, or you may be assigned to bring a certain kind of dish. Whether it be a main course dish or just a little something yummy on the side, choose something that is suitable.
  • Don’t go too exotic: Stick with something pretty basic that you know a bunch of family members will love. Imagine the heartbreak seeing a still-full casserole dish at the end of the potluck after you slaved over that stove to make it!
  • Allergies: If you know of a family member or a few who have certain food allergies, either avoid making something with the offending ingredients (ideal) or make a little sign and attach it to the casserole dish listing the offending allergens.

Potluck Casserole Recipes

Ok, now for the good part, the list of potluck casseroles! Here goes…

  • Loaded Cauliflower Casserole: Who knew that cauliflower was such a suitable replacement for potatoes, and it’s low carb, too! Try this recipe loaded with cauliflower, bacon, cheese and a few other easy ingredients!
  • Shepherd’s Pie: Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy a good shepherd’s pie? This casserole will practically serve itself! Ground beef, veggies, potatoes and all of the other fixings make for a mouth-watering casserole choice.
  • Tune Casserole: Calling all tuna eaters! This can be a main dish or a side dish, and is a great choice all around! With noodles, tuna, and cheese, this recipe is sure to please!
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole: Seasoned Ranch chicken, homemade Alfredo sauce, and lots of bacon and cheese! Talk about a comfort dish everyone will want seconds of!
  • Cheesy Ham and Hash Brown Casserole: If you are lucky, you’ll be bringing this amazing dish to a breakfast potluck. With ham, cheese, and potatoes, it might just work as a side for lunch or dinner as well! I don’t think anyone would complain.
  • French Toast Casserole: The title is a mouthful, and so is the dish! If you have any french toast enthusiasts coming to the family reunion potluck, then they will be in luck!
  • Patchwork Cobbler: With a variety of summer fruits, this dessert casserole will have everyone wanting to skip dinner just at the sight of it! Be careful making this one because it might not make it out of the door!

Potluck casseroles can really be any casserole that your heart desires, but these six casseroles are to die for! You truly can’t go wrong, and your guests will be raving about it. I call it “love at first bite.”

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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