21 Funny Family Reunion Jokes

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good standup act?  If there is an appropriate place and an appropriate crowd in which to tell jokes, it would be to your family at a family reunion!

So whether you’re writing a funny family reunion announcement letter or planning your welcome speech, here are some funny jokes to sprinkle in, followed by a few joke writing tips if you want to show off your own comedic talent!

Family Reunion Jokes

  1. “I’m here to talk about our family, but Mom always taught me that if I don’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all. Good Day.”
  2. “We didn’t provide any alcohol at this family reunion. We were concerned people would start being honest with each other.”
  3. “Who here is looking for a date? You’ve come to the wrong place.”
  4. “I’m personally happy that we have universal healthcare coverage. I’ve seen how these events end.”
  5. “If you’re upset because you couldn’t bring a boyfriend or girlfriend, just remember: It’s in their best interest.”
  6. “I’ve heard it said many times “family reunions create stronger families.” No one ever told me that it was done by thinning out the weak. I’m concerned I may not make it home once this thing’s over.”
  7. “The only thing that could make this reunion more dangerous is a Monopoly competition.”
  8. “The only reason why I’m speaking right now is because Grandma bribed me with pie so I would say something nice.”
  9. “Family reunion potlucks, more like Cutthroat Kitchen: Family Edition.”
  10. “Family reunions get a bad reputation. This is way better than jury duty!”
  11. “You want to know what the best part is about an annual family reunion? You get a full year to recover.”
  12. “You know what they say about annual family reunions. ‘Again?!??!'”
  13. “Do you remember what happened at the last family reunion? Yeah, I’ve tried to block it out too.”
  14. “How do you get everyone excited about a family reunion? By telling them it’s been cancelled!”
  15. “The _____ Family reunion: Prepare to overeat.”
  16. “All the women I love in one room, and I couldn’t be more scared for my life!”
  17. “Did anyone else’s invite get lost in the mail?”
  18. “You know, all of the women were really excited when I told them about the family reunion… Until I said “bring your husband too.”
  19. “How many crazy people does it take to throw a party?” (Begin counting people)
  20. “When I read “Free Babysitting” on the invitation, I RSVP’d immediately!”
  21. “Our family is like a fine cheese, we get funkier with age!”

Be Funny, Not Mean

If you choose to pick on a family member in a few family reunion jokes, take care not to take it too far so as to avoid upsetting or embarrassing anyone!  (Well except for the older brother that picked on you all those years while you were growing up, pay a special tribute to him!)  Just try to keep it clean, no low blows!  Need some more joke-writing or standup tips?  Here’s some!

  • Exaggerate:  Take something that is obvious and exaggerate it; go on and on about it, write multiple jokes about it; you get the idea.
  • Be the joke:  The only thing funnier than making fun of your older brother is to make fun of yourself instead!  You know your limits, so don’t make yourself cry!
  • Don’t laugh:  Sometimes it’s hard not to laugh at your own jokes, but just try to refrain!
  • Find your style:  You’re likely a different person on stage, so when writing your jokes, keep in mind your stage face and persona.
  • Practice skit:  Practicing your skit in front of a mirror will help you to familiarize yourself more with the material and form effective facial expressions to go along.
  • Use props:  Props can make all the difference in certain jokes!

Now it’s time for you to break out your notebook and pen and start writing those family reunion jokes.  Look at pictures of your brother, the jokes will practically write themselves!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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