20 Creative Virtual Family Reunion Themes

There’s so much going on in the world at the moment, that most of the normal things we usually do have to be stopped and changed to virtual ways. One of them is organizing a virtual family reunion! Our family is at the core of our existence, and their support and love is what keeps us going in hard times. We know that you and your family are a close-knit bunch, that’s why there’s no reason for you to postpone your family reunion when you can do it virtually. 

Planning a virtual family reunion can be a bit of a challenge, but it is possible! You’ll heavily depend on your internet connection and availability. So, plan ahead on when you’ll virtually meet. 

Setting up themes would also make them look forward to your virtual family reunion. To help you think of themes, we have listed 20 below. 

Themes for a Virtual Family Reunion

Picking a theme for your virtual family reunion can be a bit tricky. It needs to appeal to a wide audience—from the grandparents to the children. But, don’t fret because we have listed 20 themes that you can use for your virtual family reunion!

Pajama Party

Wear your cutest sleepwear, and grab your blankets because we’re having a pajama party! Virtually hosting a pajama-themed family reunion is a fun event for you and your family. As the host, you can place glow in the dark stars on your ceiling, fairy lights on the walls, DIY star lights in your room, and a banner on the wall. 

You can even advise each family to decorate a portion of the wall where most members can see on the video. Play games, such as online tournaments, and talk about different bedtime stories worth hearing and laughing at. 

Game Night

Everyone loves family game night! We do know how competitive family members can get, just to win the first prize. To celebrate this virtually, you can organize online Monopoly, Uno or Quiz Bowls! 

You can also play interactive drawing games, such as Scribble.io and Drawsaurus, and each round has a winner getting a prize. If you want to play some games, which require murder and finding the imposter, games, like Among Us, can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store by the  whole family. It takes a lot of acting to cover your tracks and blame someone else, which makes it interactive and fun. 

Heritage Celebration

Oh, it’s always a fun time to go over the family tree, as everyone can learn a lot about your ancestors. Have fun, and celebrate your heritage by decorating your space with flags from your origins. Add some online memory boards, too, or have one or two of your family members recount the details of the past.   

Carnival Fun

Wear your most creative circus outfit! You can play online hoops, ping pongs, and other games with family members online. Decorate your place with banners, balloons, and rings. Make your family wear red, yellow, and black to keep it festive, too. You may also want to add some circus music to complete the vibe. 

Amazing Chef

Prepare your dish, and have an amazing cook-off! Have someone host the game, where each family cooks a dish. Of course, you couldn’t taste everyone’s dish since it’s done virtually. But what you can do is judge it based on the presentation. Or, you can have someone from each family try and taste the dish. The best judge you can have here are your kids! They will surely not lie if they liked the dish or not!

When Mom and Dad were My Age

This is a fun theme for everyone since it focuses on couples; you can actually pick your grandparents for this. Before the start of the reunion, you can assign family members to research on the couple. You can even have them prepare their research in groups. 

What they will be presenting is what that couple was like at their age. For example, a 15 year-old teenage boy will present his grandpa when he was at his age. This is actually a fun way to reminisce about the past, and learn about each family member. 

Online Camping

Since most family reunions are done outdoors, you can incorporate it to your virtual reunion. Camping is such a nice experience, and it’s always a good idea to bring the forest to your home. 

You can set up your backyard or living room into a miniature forest where you have all the camping gear and camping food prepared. Have everyone participating in the reunion do this at their houses, too. 

A Virtual Christmas

Don’t you just love Christmas? It’s a fun and joyful season full of love, family, and presents! Since it will most likely be hard to gather everyone in one place, celebrating it virtually is a good alternative, too! Start decorating your home with Christmas trees, gifts, wreathes, and garlands. Send gifts virtually, too, and share stories with everyone huddled in the living room in front of the computer screen. 

Go Green

Take care of Mother Nature by encouraging your family members to care for the Earth in your virtual reunion! From initiating metal straws (save the turtles!) to paper cups and plates, we can save the environment more by using your own personal utensils. You can also do coconut games and themes, as coconuts are eco-friendly. Even your food can be associated with green vegetables and a healthy diet!

Into the Jungle

Who wouldn’t love this theme? Take note and kickstart your virtual reunion with designs from jungle-themed Disney movies, like The Jungle Book, The Lion King, A Bug’s Life, and many more. Design your home with jungle jars, made from mason jars you can find at home, and shining fairy lights from your kids’ bedrooms. 

For food, moms can bake animal-themed cupcakes or cookies. Play games, such as Guess the Sound or body part of an animal. Families can dress up with their favorite jungle animals, and have a panel pick the best costume!

Dance Revolution

Make it a family effort to dance, and challenge your family members to show off their inner talent by playing Dance Revolution songs. You can even record and upload it on TikTok after! 

From retro music in the ‘80s to pop songs today, the revolution of dance will raise more on introducing more dance steps and moves. Families can also learn and jam to the latest TikTok dance challenges, and have a panel vote for the best performance!

Family Reunion: The Musical

For a family who loves music and musicals, this virtual reunion theme is more of a jam than a party. Have everybody dress up as their favorite musical characters, and transform your space into a musical scene or setting to immerse in the theme. Alternatively, you can just set your virtual background into any setting from your favorite musical.

You can play Singing Bee or Sing Anything challenge, and have a family member play the guitar or any musical instrument, as players sing anything in tune with the music. You can also do a sing-off/riff-off, just like in the movie Pitch Perfect! 

Story Come to Life

Make your favorite book characters alive with this book theme. Have your family members dress up as their favorite book character, and share facts about them. 

As a warm up, you can all share the book and the story your character’s derived from, as well as the lessons you learned from it. It’s a great way of sharing knowledge, too, while having fun!

Just Like the Movies

Movie themes are the best, especially when a family has coordinated on one movie. You can do a warm up, and start your virtual reunion by playing Charades, Guess the Movie, or Guess the Movie Character. 

It’s also easy to set up for the theme. You can set up a space in your house to do minimal decorations that relate to your movie of choice. Alternatively, you can just set it up as if it’s a movie theater. For effects, you can just choose a movie-like filter on your computer or tablet. 

A Fashion Party

Don’t be shy to strut your stuff, and have everyone in the family embrace their passion for fashion! Encourage your family members, especially the kids, to dress up as if they’re walking the runway or attending one. What’s great about this is that no one’s allowed to judge you and your fashion choices.

You can even arrange for some of the kids and teens to do a virtual fashion show, while live music is playing. All you need is a tech-savvy family member to operate the virtual program. 

You are Your Superhero

All of us love superheroes. So, revolve your virtual family reunion around the superhero theme. You can even have the kids do a Netflix Party to watch different superhero movies. Prepare dishes based on the movie or comic book, and you can also portray your best superhero scenes, and vote who’s the best actor!


Your first priority for your Hollywood-themed virtual reunion is the online celebrity invitation, which most Hollywood stars get! 

Start your party by having one family member virtually host, introduce, and interview each family member as if they’re on the red carpet. Create a Hollywood-like awards show program, prepare awards, and have everyone dress up like their favorite Hollywood stars. It would also be fun to announce a winner for the Best Dressed award, as if it’s the Best Picture award during the Oscars, at the end of the program.

Reunion, but Make it Artsy

One thing that makes everyone happy is art! With this virtual reunion theme, kids and parents can design their spaces with DIY art ideas. You can also incorporate art with the food you’ll be preparing, from sprinkled cupcakes to rainbow cookies. Family members can be creative as ever, and play art games.

Get Sporty

One thing that families love doing is betting on their favorite sports team. Get your favorite jersey and cap because you can set a game-viewing portion of the reunion with a scheduled date with your fellow fans in the family. You can do bets, and the loser will receive a punishment—a funny one that each member will cry out of laughter. 

Costume Party

Have fun with the family, and dress up in different costumes! With this theme idea, anyone can dress up as anyone or anything! Family members can dress up as their favorite villains, animals, movie characters, and more, without the limitations! 

Perfect for virtual family reunions happening in the fall, you can even arrange a Best Costume and Best Decoration competition so everyone can be excited and go all out for the event. 


With more days spent at home, you have more time to research about how to make virtual reunions work. Having themes for your virtual family reunion can make the event more fun, and will motivate everyone to organize more reunions like this in the future. Surely this virtual setup is only temporary, but the family strength and love will never fade. So, go ahead and try these themes for a family virtual reunion. 

Personally, I would try out the Pajama-themed reunion with a Game Night & Movie theme on the side, ending the night with a nice cup of hot choco. This is an ideal simple virtual theme for families who are budget-friendly. Just jamming in your favorite pj’s, and hanging out with your family playing games and having movie marathons makes you more comfy with your other family members.

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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