Our Favorite Handmade Gifts for Mom on Etsy

Isn’t Etsy just the best? It’s like a treasure trove of the quirky and unexpected—where else could you stumble across a bouquet of crocheted flowers or a throw pillow that says, “Laura is Mom’s favorite child!”? When it comes to celebrating the leading lady in our lives—our moms—gifting her something as unique and special as she is feels just right.

Whether you’re marking a special occasion or just want to send a little love her way, Etsy’s got you covered with gifts that are one-of-a-kind, often handmade, and can be personalized just for her. So, let’s dive in and find that perfect something that makes her smile as wide as when she found out you finally cleaned your room without being asked!

“Favorite Child” Pillow

This pillow is such a funny gift for Mom, especially if you have a bunch of siblings you can tease with it! Ironically, My brother always likes to tease me that he’s the favorite child, but I’m pretty sure I am. And with this pillow, there’s documented proof I’m right!

You can find this cheeky pillow from TigerCoDesigns on Etsy. I might have to seriously consider it for my mom, just so my brother will stop talking!

Crocheted Flower Pots

How adorable are these little crocheted flower pots?! These lovely little flowers will last a lot longer than any bouquet from the store, ensuring they’ll brighten Mom’s bedroom, bathroom, or office for years to come! These sweet blossoms come in a variety of flower types, including roses, daisies, sunflowers, and tulips, and you can even pick Mom’s favorite color flower too!

Check out all the different styles over at littlecrochetflower on Etsy!

Monarch Butterfly Door Corner

I just learned about door corners this past Christmas and now I’m absolutely obsessed with them! It’s the easiest decoration to put up, no hardware or anything needed. You just simply put it on a door, window, or picture frame and it just sits there looking cute! I actually have this butterfly in my kitchen, sitting on my menu planner board. I sent a pair of red cardinals to my aunt as a gift and she loved them! It’s definitely a fun and unique decoration Mom will adore!

Check out all the other designs and get 10% off at LuckyBorders on Etsy!

Customized Dog Oven Mitt

If your Mom’s favorite child is actually her dog (just kidding of course), this hilariously cute personalized pup oven mitt is sure to put a smile on her face! Especially if your mom loves to spend time in the kitchen cooking, she’ll enjoy cooking with her furry companion literally at her fingertips!

Check out all the cute patterns available at PetPartyCo on Etsy!

Days to Remember Wall Plague

As most moms know, Mom life is busy! From soccer practice to karate or ballet lessons, our calendars can get pretty packed. And sometimes, as much as we hate to admit it, it’s possible to miss someone’s special day (literally the worst feeling!). This wooden “Days to Remember” plague is a stylish way to help Mom keep those important dates in mind!

Pick up one for Mom and one for yourself over at WeatheredRaindrop on Etsy!

Mama Bear Blanket

Wrap Mom in a bear hug with this personalized Mama Bear Blanket. As a mom who is always complaining about being cold, I personally believe you can never have too many blankets! I especially love the design of this blanket, and would look great on the back of a sofa or armchair in the living room.

To personalize one for your Mama Bear, head over to FrankiePrintCo on Etsy!

“Smells like the Best Mom” Candle

I’m a believer that every mom likes scented candles! And before you head to the store and pick up a regular vanilla jar candle, take a peak on Etsy for some very entertaining candle scents! While I do giggle at the “Mom’s Last Nerve” (that’s on fire) candle, I think I’d probably opt for something a little sweeter like this “Smells like the Best Mom Ever” for my own mama.

This particular candle is from AshandOakCandle on Etsy!

Supporting Small Businesses!

And there you have it! Picking out a gift for Mom on Etsy isn’t just about snagging something cool and one-of-a-kind (though that’s definitely a major perk). It’s also about supporting the little guys—those small businesses and passionate artisans who are the heartbeat of creativity and craftsmanship.

Every purchase from them feels good not just because you’re getting Mom something awesome, but also because you’re helping keep these small enterprises bustling. It’s a win-win, really: Mom gets a gift that’s as special as she is, and we get to help keep the dream alive for small shops all over. So next time you need a gift, remember that going small can have a big impact!

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