How to Form Family Reunion Committees

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Family reunions are supposed to be a great time, so you should be happy when planning one, right?

Let’s face it, planning a family reunion can be pretty dreadful, especially if you are riding solo throughout the planning process.  But what can you do?  Form a committee, that’s what!

What are family reunion committees and why are they helpful?

A family reunion committee is a group of family members with common interest who are actively involved in the planning of the family reunion. A family reunion committee works together throughout the entire process, from planning to execution, and often organizes meetings to remain on the same page with said planning.  What is too much work for one, is made more fun with a group!  Ever hear the phrase “the more the merrier”?  Well it definitely applies here.

Types of Committees

With a family reunion committee, it’s probably a good idea to break up into smaller committees depending on individual qualities, interests, and talents; although, all different committees should still meetup to discuss common concerns and needs.

Types of committees:

  • Food:  The food committee is in charge of everything food and beverage, from selecting the caterer(if applicable) to planning the menu, desserts, dinnerware, table sets, and so on.  They are the flavor of the reunion!
  • Decorations:  The decoration committee is in charge of making the reunion look awesome!  They will purchase or make decorations, get in touch with florists (if applicable), and bring the theme into being.
  • Activities:  The activity committee is in charge of all things fun!  They are the people that will keep the kids smiling and the adults on their feet.  Also, if any games need to be made, these are the people you want!
  • Entertainment:  Whether they will be entertaining at the family reunion themselves, or seek to hire professional entertainers, these people will help the reunion to have a good show or two!
  • Information:  The information committee is the point-of-contact for everyone that is not involved in the planning.  They are also in charge of sending out the invitations, following up on RSVP’s, and responding to inquiries from guests.

How to Form a Committee

With a family reunion committee, it’s almost as if the family reunion is starting early with a kickoff party.  It can be a fun time, with planning meetings that involve dinner and drinks, music and a good time!  But how exactly do you form a committee?

Well, there is a few ways you can go about it:

  • Ask people:  Notice your family member’s strengths and which committee they would fit into, and approach them directly.  “Hey, you seem to be really good at…would you join my committee?”
  • Throw a party:  The first party of the committee, ever.  Have drinks for family to let loose, but not so much that it impairs their judgement, or they forget their commitment!  Make it clear that the purpose of the party is to form a committee.
  • Offer incentive:  Some people won’t do something unless there is something in it for them, so offer an incentive, such as a committee-exclusive weekend getaway, special t-shirts different than the rest of the family reunion, upgraded favors, and so on.

They are your family, so you know exactly what it takes to persuade them.  What are you waiting for?  Get that committee together and start the party!  I mean, planning…

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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