Family Reunion Poems: Sentiments for Your Family Gathering

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Family reunions are such a wonderful, rare occasion that the entire family actually has a chance to get together.

It’s a time to catch up on new times and converse about the good times spent together, all the while creating new memories.

If you really want to make this a day for everyone to remember, how about writing short family reunion poems about each family member to send home with them?  Not only will they really appreciate it, but they will forever have something concrete to remember this family reunion.

Instead of just writing family reunion poems on a piece of paper, try the following ideas:

  • Type them up on a computer and add pretty borders and relevant clip art.
  • Put them in pretty picture frames.
  • Make picture frames by hand; get creative and break out that old arts and crafts box!
  • Use popsicle sticks or wooden dowels to make a scroll.

There are so many ways to get creative with this project, the hardest parts are deciding what to write and how long to make it. Once you have an idea, the rest just falls into place.

Here are a few examples of family reunion poems to write; feel free to use them for your project!

Poem for Mom:

I love you, Mom,
This, you should know.
For it is you
who has helped me grow,
And bloom like a flower
in the sun.
No matter how far apart we are,
We are always one.

Poem for Dad:

Fishing poles and pants with holes.
On your shoulders in the park.
From riding bikes down the street,
to sneaking me snacks after dark.
You are the best dad
that one can have.

I love you.

Poem for your grandparents:

Grandparents are sweet
and so full of love.
They are truly sent
from up above.

Poem for your sister:

Sisters are forever.
In this life together.
No matter how near,
No matter how far
A sister is always in the heart.

Poem for your brother:

Wet willies and slugs
And lots of other gross bugs
Brothers are a lot of fun to grow up with
From tickle wars and pillow fights
To having a lifelong friend to cherish.

Poem for your cousins:

Cousins are like siblings
That you can’t whenever,
But each time you see them
It’s a great time together!

Write From the Heart

Just like writing any poem, the words need to come straight from your heart.  Including inside jokes and old memories will make the poem extra special to both you and the recipient.
It’s okay if you do not want to write a poem for everyone in the family, but if this is the case, try to give the poems out in private to avoid hurt feelings.

If you do want to include everyone, it is also okay to write a long family reunion poem about the entire family and read it out loud at the family reunion. If you choose to go this route, have copies on hand to give to everyone so they can take it home with them.

Giving poems to family members at the family reunion is a surefire way to put a smile on the faces of your family members and will let them know that you truly do care about them and think about them even when they aren’t around. Poems always come from the heart and are a wonderful timeless way to say “I love you.”

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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