Creative Family Fun Day Ideas to Try at Home

In the increasingly fast-paced world of modern living, time has become a truly scarce commodity. Time is the greatest gift we can offer one another in order to give life and meaning to our relationships. 

All too often, finding quality time to be together as a family is really a matter of finding the right thing to do together. Often, we only plan to get together during specific holidays each year.  

However, think of just how much fun family life can be if we work hard at making every moment a special one, whether or not it’s a holiday. We must make a commitment to share fun together as a family. In this article, we’re going to share with you family fun day ideas to try at home on any regular day.

Family Fun Day Ideas

When it comes to family fun day ideas, the keyword is creativity. You’d be amazed just how much day-to-day activities can become so much fun when carried out creatively. 

You don’t have to go outside and spend lots of money in order to create some family fun. Even the most boring chores can result into a fun bonding activity if planned well. 

Here are some family fun day ideas for you:

Make a Time Capsule

A time capsule is any container wherein you stow away some of your present day items, such as a favorite toy, current photos, newspapers, letters and more. It’s often buried in a backyard, to be opened on a set date—maybe five to ten years into the future.

Weather-resistant boxes are best for the outdoors, especially if you plan to bury your capsule. Not only is a time capsule great to remember the past by storing present day memories for years to come, it’s a great fun project for kids, too!

Family Bake Day

Baking is a great family fun activity with immense benefits. It’s always fun for everyone involved. Not only is it a fun bonding activity for the parents and children, baking helps kids learn a skill, develop a sense of proportion, and improve their mathematical reasoning. It also ingrains a powerful sense of procedural set-skill that would be useful for a lifetime.

Have a Family Game Day

These are a series of fun activities you will love to do during the day. They could include just a single activity, like a Trivia, Bingo game or some other type of indoor or outdoor fun activities.

Backyard Camping

When the weather is perfect for it, a backyard camping is an amazing fun activity for the family. You don’t have to go somewhere far from home. Just the garden space in the backyard.  

You may or may not require a tent, but some sleeping bags would be ideal. You could spice it up by setting up an outdoor barbeque and a small campfire at night.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

This is an excellent way to get kids away from electronics, and do some old-fashioned physical activities that are great fun. 

Spice up your scavenger hunt with innovative clue-solving along the way. You could also ensure some prize hunts to make it worth the while. 

Also remember the scavenger hunt can have a single or multiple theme. For instance, your kids could hunt for family photographs, zoo animals, kitchen items, and many more. 

Family Craft Day

Having a craft day with the whole family is another great way to make kids take a much needed break away from their gadgets. There is an infinite number of items you can arrange to craft, but it can be more fun if the theme is a trending idea. 

For instance, if you create crafts related to Christmas during the Christmas season or crafts related to Valentine’s Day. You could even pick your theme from a children’s comic book or a school assignment. Either way, teaching children to craft things is a wonderful way to enhance their sense of improvising and creativity development. And of course, it’s a great family fun activity in itself.

Nerf Battle

No other game combines all of a child’s innermost fantasies into a near real world scenario than a breath-stopping Nerf battle, complete with the necessary battleground props to tickle their childlike imagination. 

You can set up your living space or your backyard as the battleground, and split your family into teams. The goal of the game could either be capturing the other team’s flag or it could simply be a last man standing kind of game.

Squirt Gun or Balloon Popping Painting

This is one sweet game that meets every child’s inborn tendency to be messy. It’s best done outdoors, and can be fun for both kids and adults. 

It involves filling water guns with paint or filling up each balloon with different paint colors. A canvas is spread out in any convenient stand, and participants try to shoot different colors at the canvas with the water gun. 

Alternatively, you could throw the paint balloons into the canvas or attach them to it and pop them with darts to create abstract art.

Backyard Mini Golf

You can have amazing fun in your backyard with a game of mini-golf. Set up a mini golf arena in your backyard for you and your kids to play. There are many ways you can earn scores, and you’re free to create rules that work for you on each occasion.  

You could even split your family into teams and compete, or you could do a one-on-one competition.

Make a Kite and Fly it

If the wind is good, this should be a must on your to-do list. You could make this more fun by making the kites yourself, and let the kids watch how you do it. This could be done in the comfort of your backyard.

Make Sun Flowers

You could make sunflowers with your children, and use those to decorate their rooms. First, get styrofoam balls of varying sizes, and slice them in half. Then, cover the rounded side of each half with sunflower seeds, using glue. 

Next, cut out yellow tissue papers to make petals, and glue them to the styrofoam’s flat part. Finally, cover the back side with a circle, cut from yellow paper. You can now attach a ribbon and tie to the branch of a shrub or any standing plant.

Tug of War Sandpit

This is a great way to have fun at home as a family. However, this requires some effort. 

Before you start tugging the rope, dig a small pit in the middle, then divide the family into two groups facing each other. The captains stand on either side of the small pit facing each other, with their respective team members behind them. The team that gets dragged into the pit losses.

Plant a Garden

If you have space in your backyard to make a garden, arrange to plant a small patch with flowers or vegetables together with your kids. If you don’t have a gardening space, you could make use of a plant pot filled with pot soil, and plant whatever you like. 

Have a Water Gun Competition

Here is another fun game anyone with a playful competitive streak will love. Punch holes in two plastic cups, string them up, and see who can propel them the fastest and farthest using a squirt gun.

Host an Outdoor Movie Night

You could rent or borrow a movie projector, get lots of popcorn, blankets, mattresses, and any comfortable seating you can lie or sit on. You can use a white sheet anchored to PVC pipes or any available poles. 

Alternatively, you could simply nail the sheet on its four corners against a wall.

Build a Garden Labyrinth

Since little children love following the twists and turns of a labyrinth, mark out a path in your backyard using old cartons and cardboard boxes, stones, twigs, or unmowed grass. You can browse the internet for simple patterns to use.

Jump To It

Build a set of hurdles just the right size for your family using PVC pipe, pipe fittings, and colorful tape. Getting kids to jump over and crawl through the hurdles will help improve their agility. They can also use them as goals for backyard ball games when needed.

Star Gazing

Gazing at the night sky as a family is truly an experience. Using telescopes can make the experience more enlivening. Also, parents could use the opportunity to teach their kids a thing or two about our galaxy system. You could tell them facts about the solar system, like how the sun is a star, and that the closest star to our sun is called Alpha Centauri.

Glow in the Dark

There are many ways you can catch nighttime fun at home, but you can definitely spice up the fun when you and your kids actually glow in the dark. Get some chemically safe body paints that actually glow in the dark, and paint nice and unique patterns on your face and other body parts.  

With ambient lights turned on, you can have any night fun activity, like a night dance competition, hide and seek, or a game of tag. This fun activity can be done indoors or outdoors.


Having a family fun day at home instead of going out can be more fun for many reasons. You may be saving up money instead of going out with the family, or the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor trips, or a certain member of the family won’t be able to make it for an outing due to work, school or illness.  

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting some good family fun day in your house, one thing is certain: you can make your family really happy and help nourish deep family bonding with all these family fun day ideas listed above.

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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