Happy New Year Prayers (Prayer for Blessings, Family, New Year in School)

With the passing of every Christmas comes the turn of the New Year. Are you ready for that number to go up once more? Some people feel like nothing is really different. Still, a new year is a new door opening to many new opportunities.

Kick It Off With Prayer

Saying a prayer–whether it’s to yourself, with your family, or with a whole party of people–is an excellent way to kick off the new year. Prayers can set the mood for positive changes and encourage good behavior, which is always the way to start anew!

Why wouldn’t you want to start a new year without saying a prayer first?

Tips for New Year Prayers

Blessing the resolutions

Chances are you have set a few goals or resolutions. They are often (conveniently) forgotten about after the first couple of weeks of January. Don’t let yourself be that person. Commit to change, ask for God’s help, and stick with it. He’ll help if you allow Him.

Pray for strength

What is it going to take to get you to stick with your guns? Strength and willpower. Who can help you find that within yourself? God. So just ask.

Tell Him your goals

Whether it’s just you or there’s a room full of people, make your intentions loud and clear. Declare it. The more you put it out there, the more “real” it would feel, thus making it easier for you to accomplish what you are aiming for.

Pray temptation away

If your goal is a healthy diet, He won’t be able to hide the chocolate cake at the supermarket. But he might just be able to help you overlook it instead!

Pray for others

If this prayer is said aloud at a party or family gathering, pray for those who are with you. Ask for them to be given strength to accomplish their New Year resolutions, as well.

Safe travels

Again, if this is at a group gathering, don’t forget to pray for their safe travels home. We know many intoxicated people are on the road around this time (pray for those people, as well).

Prayers Requests for the Family

Praying for your family is just as important as praying for yourself. No matter how far apart you may be from your family, it’s equally as important to pray for your whole family. If you’re together for the celebration, then even better!

Good health

As a family, you’d want for every member to be in good health condition. It is essential to know that the source of our strength and good health is God. So, as a new year starts, ask Him to keep your family healthy in mind, body, and spirit . . . and don’t forget to thank Him for the good health He’s given the past year, as well. 

Keep the focus on God

The family that prays together stays together. During your New Year’s prayer, don’t forget to include God in it, too. Ask for His guidance to keep you and your family’s focus on Him. Keep Him at the center of your relationships. It’s easy for us to be distracted and focused on other things, and asking God to walk with your family is an excellent way to start the year!

Family unity and strength

Even though your family is more than cohesive, it’s still best to pray for a stronger and more united bond with one another. You never know what the new year would bring, and asking God to bless the family with more solidarity can help with whatever obstacles life may bring. Speak blessings over your family. On the other hand, if your family is having problems or is in a fragile state, it’s all the more reason to ask for God’s blessing of unity, strength, and even reconciliation. 

God’s peace

In the chaotic hustle and bustle of life, it’s hard to find serenity and peace. Especially if you’re a family with little ones, home life may tend to add to the frenzy. And, no one wants a home in an uproar on top of a hectic work life, as this may end in a disrupted family relationship. So for this new year, ask for God’s peace, not only for yourself but for the sake of your family, as well. This kind of calm sets in one’s heart and can be felt amidst the chaos.

Asking for protection

Family safety is of topmost priority. Of course, you’d want everyone in your family to be safe–your parents, partner, children, even your siblings, and cousins. So, it’s good to include God’s protection for the whole family in your New Year’s prayer, that He would keep you all safe and sound.

Prayer for the past year

A new year also means an end of another, that a year has gone past. And, before you start this year, give a moment to say a thanksgiving prayer for the last year you’ve gone through. Thank the Lord for the blessings your family has received, the moments you’ve shared with them, and even the challenges you’ve all overcame together. Lift them all up to God and give thanks, to close the year, and welcome another.

Sample Prayers for the New Year

If you would like a sample New Year’s prayer, here are some that take into account most of the tips and prayer requests above:

A Prayer for Strength and Safe Travels

Heavenly Father,

I’d like to thank you for this opportunity to start anew in the upcoming year. It is because of you that we navigated safely through this past year, and we are in a blessed position, welcoming another year ahead of us. 

We, as a family, Lord, know that we are so blessed. We pray for strength to get through the hardest parts of the year, and the many adjustments we would be making. We pray that should temptation stumble upon our path, we could simply look away, remembering, and desiring every goal we have set. 

We also ask that you keep everyone here out of harm’s way, and keep us safe in our travels back home. We know that nothing we do compares to your glorious work, but we strive to be like you in everything we do. Let us start this new year off the right way, and that is by talking to you, Lord God.

In your name, we pray, Amen!

A Short Prayer for Safe Travels

Dear Lord,

As we set out on our travels, I just want to take a moment to pray for the safety and wellbeing of each person. I pray that you guide us safely, keep us out of danger, help us avoid bad weather, prevent us from getting lost, and get to our destination safely.

We ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer of Blessings for the New Year

Dear God,

I pray for a renewing of our minds, bodies, and spirits. I pray that you pour your abundance out upon each of us. I pray for an abundance of mercy, an abundance of grace, and an abundance of forgiveness.

I pray your blessings over each and every person here, and those who couldn’t be here with us. In your Word, it says, “you do not have because you do not ask God.” It also says, “When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives.” Lord God, I ask that you help us with our motives, and with corrected motives, I ask that you pour your blessings upon us.

You know our hearts’ desires, and I pray that you bless us with them in such a way that they do not burden us or our relationship with you, God. You know what is best, all we can do is ask, and hope that our hearts are correct and proper. If they are not Lord, then please help us. Whatever the blessings we desire to be, I pray they carry forward, healthily, into the coming year. Thank you for this past year.

We ask these things in your name. Amen.

Prayer for New Opportunities

Dear Heavenly Father,

You make all things new, and I thank you for that. I humbly come before you to ask for new opportunities. I ask that you pour an abundance of new opportunities on me, whether it be opportunities for time with family, job prospects, new clients, or business ventures.

Please prepare my heart, my mind, and my attitude for the new opportunities you have in store for me, Lord. Grant me discerning eyes, wisdom, and knowledge to identify the opportunities you place before me. Help me avoid the world blinding me from the blessings and opportunities you would have for me.

I ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for New Year in School

Dear God,

I pray for wisdom, knowledge, and motivation in the coming school year. I pray that my teachers and peers are kind and understanding and that I forge new, strong connections.

I pray that I find joy and interest in my studies and excel in everything that I do. Help me to exceed expectations, complete all of my work ahead of time, and prioritize study time responsibly.

In addition to my studies, I pray that the next year of school is a fulfilling, and immersive time full of great memories and positive life-changing experiences. I ask that you help me be faithful to you, and bring people into my life that hold your Word as highly as I do.

I ask these things in Your name. Amen.

Prayer for the Past Year

Lord God, 

We thank you for everything that has happened this past year. We are truly grateful for all the blessings and opportunities you have bestowed upon our family. All the praise and glory goes back to your name, O Lord. 

We are also thankful for the challenges and trials you’ve given us, God. We know that you never give us tests we wouldn’t overcome, and we know you give them to make us stronger. And for that, we are grateful we came out stronger, wiser, and more unified as a family. 

We thank each and every member of our family, and we are grateful that you’ve gifted us with their existence. We are also thankful for the times and memories we’ve spent with them this past year, so we could forge an everlasting connection and love with each other. We are also grateful for the grace you’ve shown us by keeping everyone safe and healthy.

We lift the past year up to you, Lord Jesus, and we would like to lift this upcoming year to you once again. We pray that you walk with us and be the center of our family this year, like the other years before. 

This we ask in your name. Amen. 

New Year Family Prayer: Strengthening, Protection, Gratitude

Dear Lord God,

Thank you for bestowing upon our family a new, fresh year. We praise and glorify you for your goodness and grace, and we would like to lift this year up to you. May you be the center of this family this year, as the previous years have been. We ask that you walk with us, O Lord, wherever the year would take this family. 

We humbly ask for your protection, Lord God. Please drive us away from harm, and keep your children physically, mentally, and spiritually secure and healthy. May you cover and protect us with your most precious blood. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to pray for the strengthening of this family’s bonds. May this year be a time for all of us to have an even deeper and more unified relationship with one another. Give us peace within our hearts and minds, so we may be able to listen to and understand each other better. 

We also thank you, Lord God, for all the blessings you’ve given the past year. Thank you for the blessings that have yet to come. We know that you will never forsake us, and we are grateful, no matter what may happen. We give thanks for the shelter above our heads, clothes on our backs, and food on our table. 

May you bless this food we are about to receive from thy bounty, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

New Years Prayers and Blessings Wrap-up

Whatever your need, blessings, new opportunities, school, work, family, parenting, forgiveness, relief, healing, renewed strength- God can hear it. All you need to do in a New Year’s prayer–like any other prayer–is just speak the truth and pray with all your heart! We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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