Let’s Play the Bible Who Am I Game!

Fun games always mix things up and add flavor to parties and gatherings. “Who Am I” is a great example of this, and we’re here to tell you why. Other than serving as a great icebreaker, it’s also a fun and exciting activity for everyone. More importantly, since the game is about guessing whoever your character is, you can play this at your next Church event by making it a Bible-themed Who Am I game. Because of all the different characters you’ll come across while trying to figure out your own, it serves as a refresher of all the notable Bible characters you have to remember.  

Interested in playing a Bible Who Am I game for your next Church activity? Keep on reading to learn more.

How to Play

To play this game, first write down all the names of the Bible characters you want to include. There must be one character for every participant in the game. Assign each player’s character by attaching the piece of paper on their backs, forehead, or anywhere they won’t see.

The game can officially start once everyone has a character to guess. Each person must ask a variety of yes or no questions to everyone in the room until they get the correct answer. In the end, the first person to guess their assigned character is the winner.

While not everyone can be winners in this game, it’s popular for helping participants loosen up and get more comfortable with everyone in the group. 

Who Am I Bible Characters

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Now that you know how to play, it’s time to go into the Bible characters you can use for the game. Below are some of the most famous characters to help you out.


As we all know, Jesus is the only son of God, sent to Earth to save humanity from their sins. He performed miraculous and supernatural deeds as a manifestation of His Father’s grace. Three days after He was crucified, Jesus rose from the tomb and ascended into Heaven.


Mary the Mother of Jesus, was a Galilean Jewish woman residing in Nazareth with her husband Joseph. One day, the Angel Gabriel visited Mary to send the message that she will bear the son of God. Knowing they kept their promise of chastity, she got pregnant through miraculous causes. Despite judgment and societal stigma, she stood strong and prevailed. She gave birth to Jesus and earned the title of the Virgin Mary.


Joseph was a kind and righteous man, according to everyone who knew him. He is a dutiful carpenter engaged to Mary. Despite Mary carrying a child, not of his own, he graciously faced the false accusations and public humiliation, choosing to have faith in the will of the Lord.


Adam was the first human God created in His likeness and image. God sent him to the Garden of Eden to look after His creations. 


Eve was the first woman God created from Adam’s rib. God sent her along with Adam to the Garden of Eden to flourish and multiply. However, the devil succeeded in tempting her to eat the forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge.


St. Paul the Apostle, was among the first generation of Christian leaders who took part in the spread of religion. A Pharisee, he initially persecuted the followers of Christ. After his miraculous and supernatural conversion, he established several churches and authored countless books in the Bible.


Damaris is known for her teachings and leadership in the city of Athens. Before Paul converted her, she was originally an escort to rich and powerful men in their time. After her conversion, she became a highly influential figure who played a huge role as a missionary of God’s teachings.


Abraham is the Father of Many Nations and the husband of Sarah. For his strong faith, God rewarded him with many descendants from his son Isaac, and the position of ruler of the land he founded.


Revered as one of God’s greatest prophets, Moses was a leader of the Israelistes who had such a strong faith in the Lord and His will. Once on a mission, he accepted the task to save the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and deliver them to the promised land of Canaan. After this, he went on to Mount Sinai, where he received the Ten Commandments from God himself.


David was one of the most popular kings in the Bible, having defeated the Philistine giant Goliath with only a sling and stone. He reigned over Israel for forty years. David was a man of great devotion and faith. Though he ended up committing adultery and murder, he later repented, and God punished and forgave him. We now recognize him as the man who conquered Jerusalem.


Deborah was a strong and devout leader, and the only female judge mentioned in the Bible. God called on her to fight against the Canaanites who were abusing the Israelites. She succeeded alongside 10,000 soldiers in their momentous battle.


Isaiah was a Hebrew prophet, who lived hundreds of years before the coming of Jesus Christ. He found his calling after seeing a vision that the Messiah was to come and die on the cross for the salvation of the people. Since then, he went on to become one of the major and most influential prophets in the Old Testament.


Esther was a Jewish queen married to Persian King Ahaseurus, who rules the most powerful country at that time. She exposed the King’s chief’s plan to assassinate her husband. As a result, her kingdom and the Jews were saved from being murdered.

Judas Escariot

Judas Escariot was one of Jesus’ disciples, known for his betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane. Though originally part of the original 12 Apostles of Christ, he gave away Jesus’ location in exchange for thirty pieces of silver. Because of him, Jesus was tried and crucified. 


Noah was a known patriarch in a time when humankind turned to evil and sinned greatly. Because of his devotion and faith, God asked him to build an ark in order to save his family from a great flood that would wipe out the population.


There you have it. Now you have a fun activity you can play with your group the next time you host another Bible study group or youth camp. Let us know how it turns out or if you added any other twists to make this Bible Who Am I game livelier. As for now, that’s it from us! Feel free to visit our Etsy shop for more of our Who Am I games for your next gathering.

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