Best Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys That They’ll Actually Use!

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Christmas is a time of celebration, and the best part of it lies in stocking stuffers, especially for kids. Opening Christmas presents and stocking stuffers is one of the most exciting traditions of the season.

Buying the right stocking stuffers for your family while staying in budget is not an easy task. Especially if you have teens; they are difficult to please and have high expectations.

As a parent, Christmastime means you have to choose a present that is suitable for your teen, useful and, above all, makes him happy.

So, this article is all about stocking stuffers for teen boys. We will discuss the topic in detail, and hope by the end of this article you would have something cool in mind for your teen this Christmas.

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Things to Consider While Buying Stocking Stuffer Teen Boys

Finding creative stocking stuffers for teens is not easy. First, unlike your younger kids, teens are difficult to please and would surely not appreciate kids’ toys and toiletries.

Here are a few things to consider when you are out there looking for a perfect stocking stuffer for your teen.

Shop Their Interests

The most important thing to consider is what interests your teen, may they be sports, gadgets, or outdoor activities. Being a parent, you must have a good idea of what his hobbies, interests, and wishes are.

Buy What They Need

Think about anything he might need. Sure he may have everything, but there still must be something he can make use of. For example, if your boy is into sports, a cooling towel is something he can use every day to keep his body cool.

Just focus on his everyday routine, and we are sure you’d come up with something cool and useful.

Keep it Budget-Friendly

Though Christmas comes once in a year, there are lots of other expenses too. You need to buy gifts for friends and family, and there are also visits, dinners, and parties, so make sure you stay within budget.

You don’t have to buy something expensive for your teen’s stocking stuffers. It is one thing if you can afford those gifts, but it is still better not to spend more than what’s necessary. Teach your kids to appreciate the value of a gift and the sentiments associated with them. It need not be an expensive one at all.

Make Sure It’s Age-appropriate

Make sure you choose something age-appropriate. Picking childish toys for your teenage boy can irritate him. They are more eager to prove they’re grown-ups and no longer need any childish stuff.

Things to shop for

We understand how difficult it is to choose something useful and yet catchy enough for your teen. Here we have rounded up a list of some cool stuff that you can shop for stocking stuffers.


Edibles are always loved by children and teens alike. After all, they are always hungry. They would love having edible items in their stocking, especially if you buy their favorite chocolates, candies, or any snack that they love to munch on.

While selecting edibles, make sure you choose something healthy, like protein bars. They taste heavenly and are full of nutrition for their growing bodies.


This category ranges from body to tech accessories. If your teenage boy is into fashion and looking cool, you could opt to buy him a belt or bracelet. And, if he’s into gadgets and tech, choosing appropriate accessories for them is also a great option. You can buy a trendy phone case, a set of headphones, or any other accessory for their handheld devices.


Cash is always appreciated, especially by teenagers who’d rather save up to buy something they really want than get a gift they have no use for. It’s also a good stocking stuffer if you’re out of ideas. Though not a very creative option, you can still put some cash into the stocking so your teen can spend the money as he likes.

Stocking Stuffers to Avoid

Just as we look at some options you should shop for stocking stuffers, here are a few things to avoid.

Electronic Gifts

While we know teenage boys love tech and gadgets, it’s best to avoid putting these as stocking stuffers. Unless they asked for a specific electronic device they want for Christmas, gifting them one without knowing which they prefer is risky. With all the tech available nowadays, it’s hard to know what teenage boys want in their tech arsenal.


When we said earlier to give your teenage boys something they would need, we didn’t mean to give them a toiletry package. High-end towels are okay, colognes are okay, gels and mousses are acceptable, but shampoos, deodorants, mouthwashes and the likes ARE NOT. Just imagine the look on his face and the backlash you’re gonna get when he opens them. What’s more is that giving these gifts seems like it has a subtle negative message about hygiene.

Gifts Not Representing Them

Nothing is more irritating and heartbreaking than opening a gift that is a complete contrast of your personality. If you give your teenage boy a basketball when he prefers a game console, or if you gift him with an outdated accessory that doesn’t even compliment his style, then it speaks loudly of how much you don’t know your kid. That said, it’s best to have an idea about your teenage boy’s interests and styling sense to avoid giving him something that doesn’t represent him.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Your Teen

Choosing a creative gift for your teen can be a lot more difficult than you think. We have chosen some of the best options that are not only useful but would also be a pleasant surprise to your teen. Don’t worry though, all of these items are budget-friendly!

A Classic Watch for Teens Who Are Always Late

Teens love watches. It looks trendy, gives a semblance of being a grownup,, and is a good item to remind them of the value of time. Watches are never out of fashion, making them one of the best things you can give your teen. Timex Men’s Expedition is an expedition analog watch that your teen would surely love.

This watch looks very elegant and offers a great variety of colors. You can choose your boy’s favorite one out of many handsome options. It is also waterproof, and its water-resistant material is perfect for any adventure he goes to. 

It also features a useful backlight technology that’s perfect and helpful in the dark. Timex Men’s Expedition has a classy design and a scratch-resistant mineral glass that won’t give in, even after rough use.

This Driving Book for New Drivers

Soon, your teen will be applying for a driving license. As much as a matter of pride, it is also a cause of concern for many parents. Driving is not simple, and even if your teen passes the test with flying colors, you can’t help feeling nervous about him driving out on the road.

Knowing only tidbits about driving is not enough. Your teen would soon be facing real-life problems on the road, and he must at least be aware of some of them. You can help by stuffing his stocking with this informative yet entertaining book.

The Driving Book: Everything New Drivers Need to Know is written by bestselling author Karen Gravelle. It contains all the possible scenarios your teen may face while driving and covers many practical lessons for the new driver.

Whether it is about changing the car tire or going out in bad weather, this book helps new drivers navigate through many difficult situations. Its humorous tone would make your teen love reading it and won’t make him fall asleep. 

The book not only covers many important topics in-depth, but also offers smart tricks to deal with several problems. It has some cute illustrations, as well! It’s a great book for new drivers and an excellent option for stuffing stockings.

An Acne Wash That Actually Works

If there is one problem common to all teens, it is acne. Almost 85% of teens suffer from it. Puberty and hormonal changes are the culprits. So if you notice your teen is suffering from some bad acne problems, how about buying him an effective remedy? 

This Benzoyl Peroxide is a body wash, specially made for teens with acne. The body wash is specifically formulated to target the root cause of the problem.

Benzoyl Peroxide 10% is a highly effective formula for acne. It contains hemp seed oil, reducing irritation and redness while moisturizing without clogging the pores.. The formula also contains  Centella Asiatica extract, which is a potent antioxidant that soothes the top layer of the skin and suppresses inflammation. It also has tea tree leaf oil, which is an antiseptic that reduces swelling and redness. 

Your boy is surely going to love the acne-free skin! This gift would keep his skin soft and clear, removing all the blemishes and acne scars. No doubt it’s a useful stocking stuffer for your teen!

A Toiletry Bag for the Essentials

Most teenage boys love outdoor activities. They are always ready for a camp night or a hiking trip, and this toiletry bag is a great option for the boys who are always on the go. It’s useful for stuffing some essentials in this easy-to-carry bag.

This premium-quality bag looks stylish, classy, and offers room for many important things. Your teen can place his basic toiletries, like a toothbrush,  toothpaste, hairbrush, razor, and even his shaving kit in this bag! It is perfect for both short and long trips. It also has different pockets that allow you to manage and organize your things inside.

The high-density canvas and genuine leather give the design a premium look, and its tight stitching makes it durable and adds beauty.

This toiletry bag comes with many zipped pockets for sorting out your essentials, and all-metal zippers are of high quality. With all this space and pockets, the bag is still small enough to be easily carried by a teen. It is a great stocking stuffer and would be very useful and appreciated by your adventurous teen!

Hair Balm for Hair Guys

Whether your teen has long hair, a buzzcut, or it’s somewhere in the middle, they would surely need a styling gel to attain that perfect gentleman look once in a while.

Even teen boys want to look smart and stylish with their hairs all nicely placed. So how about stuffing your teen’s stocking with a decent pomade that provides him with a decent look for school and for different occasions?

Suavecito’s Pomade Original is a uniquely scented water-based product that keeps the hair in place all day long. Your teenage boy’s hair would be easily combed after applying the gel, and it does not result to a sticky or hard hair at all!

Its creamy consistency provides a strong grip to even the silkiest of hairs. Whether your teen wants a slick back, a pompadour, or a side part, he would surely have a rocking look with this gel.

This water-soluble gel is easy to wash and does not require any special shampoos or soaps. It contains no harsh chemicals that may harm the hairs or make the scalp flaky. It’s a quality hair styling product that your teen can use, without you worrying about exposing his hairs to unwanted, harsh chemicals.

A Faith Leather Bracelet for Trendy Teens

We all know how teens love to wear cool and trendy accessories, especially bracelets. It seems like wearing one has been an essential rite of passage for any teenager.  This Soul Statement Cross Leather Bracelet is a stylish and affordable option for surprising your teen this Christmas.

It comes with an adjustable knot slip that lets the bracelet fit around any wrist size. Its soft material is durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

The cross pendant in the middle adds value and is a great expression of faith. The bracelet’s simple look and the combination of metal with leather makes it look more classy and fashionable. This is definitely a great choice that would catch your teenage boy’s fancy.

These Cooling Towels for Athletic Teens

Sports, gyms, and other outdoor activities are part of your teen’s lifestyle. With this in mind, choosing a gift that would give him instant relief after any physical activity is a great choice.

This instant cooling towel from Sihea provides comfort by keeping one cool during the long summer days. Simply wet the cooling towel, wring it well, and rub it over the body to cool the body off. It gives instant relief from the heat by lowering body temperature to almost 16o C!

This would be perfect for your kid who is active in sports, as the towel mitigates the effect of heat and brings a cool feeling for a long time. Its hyper-evaporated material absorbs sweat quickly and would not get stiff or fray even after multiple uses. It would also protect your teen from the scorching sun on those hiking trips or camping.

Sihea Cooling Towel is also anti-microbial and chemical-free, and can easily be washed in a machine. These towels are a must-buy item for your teen if he is into a lot of outdoor activities, sports, or exercise.

An Energy Boost from RXBAR Protein Bars

Teens are always hungry. They are active, full of energy, and want something to munch on all odd hours. How about providing them with something nutritious, so they don’t have to rely on junk food? After all, they are growing boys who need a lot of energy!

These peanut butter protein bars have all the right ingredients that you’d love your teen to have. They’re made of egg whites, dates, nuts and other all-natural ingredients that add taste and texture. Each box contains four protein bars, perfect for on-the-go snacking, travel, pre-workout, post-workout, or for simply relieving hunger anytime anywhere.

The bars contain no additives, artificial flavors, gluten, preservatives or fillers you don’t want for your teen. They are perfectly fine and safe even if your boy is following any specific diet plans, like paleo or keto diet.

It fills your teen’s tummy with nutrients, provides energy for his hectic everyday routine and, above all, comes with all-natural ingredients. It’s a great choice for filling your teenage boy’s stocking with edible treats.

This Cool Digital Alarm Clock

This wooden digital alarm clock is as much for you as it is for your teen. We all know how difficult it is to pull them out of their beds, and how desperate you are for them to be on time for everything.

This clock is not only a good reminder for them to be on time, but the classy and minimalist design would also surely attract your teen. It can easily blend into the interior of his bedroom, providing some extra decoration. It provides three alarm settings, allowing your teenage boy to set three different times on the same day for different activities. The digital clock also offers three settings for brightness adjustment. Lower the brightness at nighttime so it remains visible but not sharp on the eyes. Plus, the numbers are large enough to easily be seen, even from far away, so it can be placed anywhere in the room.

This is definitely a good gift to be put into your teenage boy’s stocking stuffer!

A Mini Drone Because They’re Awesome

This one is a bit of a pricey option. But what can be better for a teen boy than an ultra-modern drone? This particular model is especially perfect for beginners. As for the price, it is certainly more reasonable than other high-tech drones.

Snaptain S5C is a smart, voice-control drone that is surely going to surprise your teen with its several wonderful features. Easy to operate, this user-friendly device is easy to take off, land, and return to your command with a simple press of a button.

This smart device features voice-control, headless mode, and 360 degrees flip and roll, which makes it more fascinating. It provides video transmission within a range of up to 80 meters, and its propelled protective guard ensures a safe flight. The device’s built-in 6-axis gyroscope holds the altitude and stays in position for excellent video and photo shooting.

The Snaptain S5C drone also constantly updates its Wi-Fi status, so your teen can prevent the device from going out of the Wi-Fi range and losing control. 

Your teen would surely love sharing the cool pictures and videos taken from this device on social media. It’s a great gift for a young boy who has an interest in taking photos and shooting videos, and he would definitely be thrilled to have a drone that could take photos from unusual angles this season.

‘Tis the Season of Giving!

Christmas is a time for family, celebration and love. And, creative stocking stuffers definitely makes the season more appealing for the teens. You can also take this opportunity to build a great bond of love, affection, and understanding with your adolescent.

Whatever you choose, make sure to include an element of surprise to it. It should also be useful for your teen. Try to live up to their expectations, and make the occasion memorable for them.

It is not important at all if your gift is expensive or not. The real values lie in the thought behind the gift, and it should reflect your emotions and concern for your teen.

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