20 Reasons Why a Family Reunion Cruise is the Best Reunion!

Having a family reunion cruise is quickly becoming the preferred reunion activity of choice due to its matchless capacity to give the best of both worlds, at a fair price. Increasingly, it is becoming obvious that a cruise trip is far more fun than any other reunion idea to date.

First, the amount of hassles involved in planning traditional reunions can be a nerve-racking exercise. Bear in mind that raising funds for a family reunion and the actual planning for it are two different things altogether.  

For most people, the stress of trying to raise the funds alone is enough load of its own. Enter the idea of a family reunion cruise trip.

Why You Should Plan for a Family Reunion Cruise

If you haven’t heard of reunion cruises or or you’re simply tired of the usual landlocked family reunions and you want a new idea, here are some reasons why a cruise is the best bet for your next family reunion.

Easy Planning 

As much as people love family reunions, no one likes to plan for it. Today, many cruising companies offer reunion packages with hard-to-beat bargains. With a reunion cruise, the only thing you probably have to do is decide which cruising company to choose from. 

Every activity that makes for a good and enjoyable reunion is already planned and packaged for you. There are enough activities to cater to anyone’s interests, and all you need to do is inform relatives what to expect on the cruise so they could make their own choices on what activities they wish to do ahead of time.

Easy Budgeting 

On a cruise boat, guests never have to think twice about who is picking up the tab for dinner or entertainment for the group. This makes a cruise an excellent choice for your family reunion. 

Every meal, shipboard activities, live entertainment, and even some beverages are included in the cost of each family member’s ticket. 

Some cruise companies offer free family group photographs and free halls for family group activities. All you need to do is to indicate ahead of time which activities your family would like to do together as a group. This makes cruise a very budget-friendly reunion for the whole family.

Kid-friendly Environment

Modern cruise ships incorporate a considerable amount of kid-friendly motifs into their amenities. Cruise ships now have waterslides, pools, and game rooms. In addition, mini-golf, rock climbing, sports courts, ping pong, football, giant chess and shuffleboard are typical onboard attractions. 

Cruise line Royal Caribbean even has cruise ships with surf simulators and zip lines. Others feature virtual reality playrooms where kids get to play and meet mock-up superstars or their favourite comic hero. It is a fantasy world coming true and providing a truly fantastic and unforgettable experience for children. 

Value for Money

Reunion cruises offer far more bang for the buck than any other family reunion alternative you can think of. In fact, with the amount you would spend for a reunion cruise, you might as well say there is no other alternative. 

Cruise reunion packages are simply unbeatable as a reunion location option with its unbelievable package discounts for family groups and its freebies. With the family package, you could enjoy free halls, swimming and cooking lessons, rock climbing and gymnasium use, and free hall rentals for the family’s own exclusive onboard activities,.

Variety of Choices

With reunion cruises, you are simply spoilt for choice. Yes, you read that right. There is always something for everyone, no matter your age or gender. All you need to do is decide what you want from the bewildering array of choices. 

Easy Access

There are so many cruise companies offering so many departure points across the nation. It’s no real challenge to find an ideal embarking point acceptable to every family. Interestingly, most of these departure points are usually within driving distance of many major cities in America. Sometimes, some family groups can plan to embark at the nearest point to them while the other group embarks along a second route if the cruise ship is passing that way.


This is what makes a family reunion cruise so special; they aren’t just spectacular by sheer accident. Family reunion cruises are specifically designed and packaged for that ultimate purpose of a family reunion. 

As a result, you can find activities specifically tailored to the needs of a family during a reunion in any package. It is meant to be more than just a delightful holiday trip.

Unique Experience

If you are eager for a unique experience, look no further than a family reunion cruise. Every amazing thing you would ever experience on a reunion cruise can only be enjoyed on another reunion cruise. 

You can always have sweet memories, but nothing can beat the memory of a reunion cruise.

Educational Benefit

You will begin learning new things the moment you step into a cruise ship. Your reunion package surely comes with amazing classes on cooking, swimming, rock climbing, scuba diving, dancing, fencing, and lots of other new activities to learn and do. You would even receive certificates for it!  

In no other place can learning be so much more fun than on a cruise ship.

Enhances Filial Bonding

The relaxing atmosphere, carefree spirit, shared sense of adventure, and freedom are sure to do unquantifiably beneficial things to family bonding and filial affections. There is nothing society needs right now more than stronger families, and cruise reunions have been dishing out these wonderful family healing benefits for decades. 

Members Get to Visit New Places

With onshore short stops and tours along the route, family reunion cruise trips make sure the deep blue sea isn’t all you would be seeing for days. There are usually brief stops along major ports and short inland trips for those interested. And, who wouldn’t be? You are bound to return more cultured when it all ends.

Health Benefits

You can’t get on a cruise ship and leave the same way. The laughter, fun, and joy of a spectacular reunion is all the medicine you need against stress. With happy memories you’re about to make, you can expect to enjoy some healthy days ahead of you as you step off the ship on your last port.

Environmental Benefit

So what do you think happens to all the waste generated on a cruise ship? You guessed right! Everything is carefully disposed of in a safe way and a lot more are recycled. Moreover, much of the activities on a cruise ship are carried out in a safely controlled system that generates far less harm to the environment than people holding reunion on land.  

So, remember that when you opt for a family reunion cruise, you’re also helping waste reduction while having fun.

Perfect Holiday

Because of the need to carry along all family members, especially children, during a reunion cruise, vacation and holiday times are usually the best dates. Now you can’t have a better vacation trip than when combining it with a family reunion cruise. 

If there was ever a time two birds were perfectly killed by the proverbial one stone, then it’s everytime you chose to do a reunion cruise during the holiday season.

Fosters Sense of Unity Among Family Members

Everyone knows a cruise trip is a thrilling experience. It is one thing families are bound to quickly unite around. No matter what they disagree on, a reunion cruise is one thing no one can argue against.  

A family reunion cruise is more than just a fantastic way to maximize the fun; it remains unmatched in its role as a powerful rallying point for families. Is your family besset with discord and in need of healing? Try a reunion cruise. The possibilities are simply unbelievable.

Top Class Entertainment

Cruise ships often provide top class entertainment for its passengers. They offer a wide array of entertainment, from standup comedy performance to live music. When it comes to entertainment, cruise ships leave no stone unturned, and you would be entertained by the very best in the arts.

Family Dining

This will be as exclusive as it can ever get to be—family dining on a cruise ship is included on the group packages offered. And what’s more, it’s a gourmet dinner featuring a bewildering array of dishes in a place arranged just for your family. It would be the best family dinner you can ever dream of.

Neutral Territory

This is one of the main upsides of a family reunion cruise—everyone is on neutral territory. This often creates a platform for openness and genuineness of affection, as no one will feel obliged or under pressure.

No Cooking and Cleaning

Cruise ships have a vast array of amazing, polite, and ever smiling cabin crew at your beck and call any hour of the day to take care of all the cleaning and cooking. The only two things you really have to keep doing on a cruise ship is to stay alive and keep having fun.


So you are thinking all these fairy tales of fantasy fun on a cruise ship is going to cost you an arm and a leg, right? Well, that’s not the case at all! Reunion cruise trips are surprisingly affordable. It’s actually more affordable than you can imagine. 

If you take advantage of the massive discounts offered to family groups above eight persons and book your cruise well ahead of time, you can arrive at a starting average of $500 per person for a seven-day trip.

What You should Know when Planning a Family Reunion Cruise

Try to plan your reunion trip well ahead of time, preferably six to eight months prior. This gives you enough time to ensure the following key tips:

  • Search for and obtain early booking discounts and group rates
  • Give enough time and notice for every family member interested in the trip to be ready and plan ahead to avoid mixed dates.
  • Secure staterooms that accommodate three to five guests
  • Ensure your preferred Dining Times acceptable for the whole family
  • Ensure preferred stateroom locations
  • Collect initial and final payments for booking


As you can see, a family reunion cruise is far better than a land based family reunion. 

First, it is far easier to plan, more budget-friendly, and its inherently a unifying factor, which makes it something the whole family would readily agree on more.  

Planning a reunion and where to hold it is hard to decide in itself, and if you want to get a faster, positive response from different family members regarding this, holding it on a cruise would make the load less heavier.  

At least with this option, everyone could participate and look forward to the event no matter their age. Because family reunion cruises are pre-packaged deals from cruising lines, you can be sure your choice of a family reunion cruise will be a memorable one.

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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