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As the holiday season is nearing, party planning is kicking into full gear. One of the things we don’t do often enough when planning a party is sending out official invitations! Not only can they help you get more RSVPs, but it’s a great way to relay important information about the event!

Christmas Party Invitation Wording

Christmas party invitation wording is an important element of Christmas party planning as it can mean the difference between a yes or a no RSVP. Why? Because the Christmas party can either sound awesome or lame, and people frequently get invited to a few different Christmas parties.

Luckily we’ll be focusing on Christmas party invitation wording for a family Christmas party, so chances of being blown off are much slimmer! Still, you want to be sure the wording on those invites sounds enticing, right? Right!

You’ll first want to remember to include this information on our invites:

  • Who: Who is the host/hostess of the Christmas party? Certainly, this person deserves to have his or her name on the invitation!
  • What: This would be the Christmas party! Give it a fun name that goes with the theme such as a Santa Hat Shindig!
  • When: This is so important; include the date and time of the party!
  • Where: Where will the party be held? At your home? At the neighborhood clubhouse?
  • Theme: If the party has a theme, include it in pictures or color scheme on the invitation.
  • RSVP: It is important to include a few avenues for someone to send an RSVP. A stamped, self-addressed envelope should be sent, along with including an email address and phone number, and the name of the person they are RSVPing to.
  • Special info (optional): You will want to announce other special information such as dressing up for a costume contest or bringing a dish for a potluck event.


Now that you know what to include in your Christmas invitation wording, let’s go over a few examples to get you started.

Sample Wording #1:

‘Tis the season for Christmas!

This year, we will be having a Santa Hat Shindig

So wear your best santa hats!

This year’s event will take place at

Moose Lodge of Smalltown

As always, I’m happily hosting the party

December 24th at 6:00pm

Please call or email me to RSVP by the 15th

555-5555 or [email protected]

Sample Wording #2:

Ho-Ho-Ho! Merry Christmas!

At this year’s Santa Imposter Party,

who’s going to take home the grand prize?

Come one, come all Santas of any size!

Grab your hats and comb your beard

Christmas only happens once a year!

Same place, same time

On the Eve of Christmas

Be at my house by 5!

RSVP to me by the 17th

and please, please, please

Bring a tasty treat!

555-5555 or [email protected]

Sample Wording #3:

It’s time to gather once again

For our annual Christmas party!

This year will be a potluck,

So please sign up to bring a dish!

Where: Herritage Place Clubhouse

When: December 24th at 6pm

Please call or email me to RSVP by the 16th

555-5555 or [email protected]

I hope to see you all there!

Sample Wording #4:

Christmas is on a Sunday

A true Christian FUNday!

Let’s meet for service at our church

followed by a gathering at my home

Prepare for a gingerbread house contest

Each will be decorating their own

Gingerbread house, gingerbread man

Frosting and gumdrops and a gingerbread land!

Please RSVP by the 15th

555-5555 or [email protected]

See how the wording in these examples are lighthearted and fun? That’s how it should be to really grab the attention of the recipient and get your point across.

Friendly tip: These days, it’s becoming increasingly common to send evites instead of invites, but keep in mind that we live in a generation that is right in between snail mail and full digital; there’s still a generation of good people who aren’t quite computer savvy. It is necessary to still send invitations in the mail in order to reach out to everyone.

Once you have your Christmas party invitation wording, you can consider ending it with a simple Christmas prayer. Be sure to read it over a few times and have someone double-check the spelling, and make sure it flows the way you intend. Once you have sent them out, it’s one more thing to check off that list for the holiday season!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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