DIY Family Reunion T-shirt Ideas

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Throwing a family reunion almost always means t-shirts for the family!  Wearing family reunion t-shirts is a great way to involve everyone in the reunion and make them feel like a part of your bg group.  You’re having a family reunion, and the world should know!

Matching t-shirts with silly sayings on them is a given for family reunion t-shirt ideas.  Here, I will focus on giving you a few creative and unique family reunion t-shirt ideas!

  1. Puffy paints:  Set up a table with various shirt sizes and many colors of puffy paint and let everyone make their own creation!
  2. Iron-on letters and pictures:  Setting up a table with various types of iron-ons can really make for some fun and funky t-shirts!
  3. Tie-dye:  Whether you tie-dye the shirts or have everyone do their own, this is great for a 60’s themed family reunion!
  4. Mystery maker:  Everyone draws a name out of a hat and has to make a shirt for that person.
  5. All kids:  Kids make the shirts for themselves and for everyone else!  That should keep them busy for a bit.
  6. Men vs. Woman:  Woman make shirts for the men and men make shirts for the women.  Keep it nice!
  7. Kids vs. Adults:  Adults make shirts for the kids and kids make shirts for the adults.  Definitely makes for super cute pictures!
  8. Squirt paints:  Typically for kids, but adults can have fun, too!  This is basically a paint-filled water gun fight with white family reunion t-shirts!
  9. Handprints:  Each family’s shirts should have the handprint of each family member on it.  Get creative and make the handprints into other pictures!
  10. Nature prints:  Perfect for camping family reunions, go on a nature hike with everyone to find things that will make cool prints with paint!
  11. Buttons, pompoms, and other fun things:  Turn t-shirt making into a hot glue project using anything and everything that can be glued to a shirt!
  12. Yarn:  You can make some really cool pictures by gluing yarn down in whatever way possible.
  13. “Code of Arms” prints:  Each family should draw up a code of arms on a piece of cardboard, glue yarn along the lines of the pencil, then paint the yarn and make prints onto shirts by pressing the cardboard to the shirt.  Make sure words are backward on the cardboard!
  14. Negative images:  Place letters and shapes on the shirt, spray all empty areas with paint, remove the objects and you just creative negative prints!
  15. Make ‘em at home:  Each family member makes their own shirt at home (specific criteria is up to the planner) and these shirts will be worn at the reunion!

The process of making and wearing the shirts should be a fun one, so avoid anything that you feel will cause undue stress on anyone involved.  Remember that not everyone is creative or crafty and some may not wish to participate in making their own shirt, so be sure to have a backup plan for this scenario!  You know your family well, so I’m sure you will come up with something that is sure to suit the group (literally)!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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