12 Homemade Family Reunion Favor Ideas

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Nothing is better than the memories created at a family reunion, but sending a favor home with all of the family members is a great way to say “thank you for coming” and gives them something to have that will help bring back the memories. And who doesn’t like to receive a little gift now and again?

Types of Favors

Favors are pretty much a must for any type of get together, and family reunions are no different!

Not sure what kind of favors would be appropriate? That’s okay! When it comes to family reunion favors, we’ve got your back!

Favors generally fall under three categories: Edible, keepsake, and do-it-yourself. We will give some great family reunion favor ideas under each category and leave the deciding up to you!

Edible Family Reunion Favors

Family reunions call for something that can be saved no matter what, so even though you plan on handing out something edible, do so in a nice tin or inside of something that can be saved. Here’s some yummy edible ideas:

  • Mini mason jar anything: This is especially great if your family makes something such as homemade barbeque sauce, syrup, honey, jelly, and so on. Jar it up and stick a label on it that will forever remind the recipient where and when they received it!
  • Cookies, cupcakes and other sweets: We all get a sweet tooth from time to time, so even if it won’t get eaten right away, it surely will eventually!
  • Home-brewed beer: Okay, this is obviously not suitable for children, but the adults will appreciate receiving this hand-bottled gift! Pair it up with customized bottle openers and you have terrific family reunion favors!
  • Family recipe: If there is a family-famous recipe, whether it be homemade chips or some type of casserole, send some home in a nice basket or personalized plates!


Everyone loves keepsakes, whether it is something they can use, or just something to sit on their shelf. Try some of these keepsake ideas for your family reunion:

  • Keychains: Have keychains personalized with the place and date of the reunion and everyone will have a little piece of this family reunion wherever they go! You can also make your own with photos of family.
  • Coffee mugs: You can have an old family portrait printed on mugs, or even just the name of the event and year. This is a great one s it will get lots of use! See your local art store for DIY coffee mug decorating kits.
  • Picture frame: Everyone will definitely be taking pictures at the reunion so they will need place to put it. Picture frames are cheap to buy, easy to decorate, and are a wonderful favor to be considered!
  • Candles: Who doesn’t love the smell and relaxing effect of candles? Homemade candles are even better. Make sure to pick out nice jars for the candles, or have a nice plate to go underneath them.


If you have a pretty crafty family, then setup a DIY crafting table to make their own favors. What’s great about this idea is that they are making memories while they are making something to remember the day by! Try one of these creative favor ideas:

  • Sand art: Each family member can make one on their own, or make it more special by making the favors with the help of other family members. Each one turns out beautiful and unique!
  • Ornaments: Many people collect ornaments for their Christmas tree, or even for a ficus tree! Making ornaments together is a great way for family to bond, and it’s always fun to see how everyones ornaments came out!
  • Stepping stones: Cement, pie tins, and whatever you want to put in them such as marbles, beads, glass gems, scrabble letters, and so on. These make a beautiful addition to any garden!
  • Mini scrapbooks or photo albums: Everyone will be needing a place to store pictures that will be taken, so decorating up little albums is a total win!

As you can see, there is a lot of family reunion favors to choose from! Your family is sure to appreciate anything that they receive, so as long as it comes from the heart.

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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