40 “Thank You, Mom” Quotes That Show Your Appreciation

Cheers to our queen who selflessly devoted herself to make ends meet, to cater to our needs, to stand as our pillar and foundation in shaping who we are right now. She is nothing but the best supermom in our lives. ‘Tis the day where we celebrate her. Now, it’s our turn to show how much she means to us in our own little ways with these “thank you, mom” quotes we’ve prepared.

Maybe there are times we take her for granted, forget to show how grateful we are to have her, and tell her we love her. As much as we want to, sometimes it seems that we hesitate to tell her because we think that it’s too cheesy and affectionate.

Our moms left a footprint where it influences our holistic well-being. She deserves to be acknowledged every single day and every single chance we have to show our deep gratitude, affection, and love to her. Sometimes, we need to put extra effort to show these and more to our amazing supermoms. A simple yet personalized and heartfelt Mother’s Day Card acknowledging her love, effort, and sacrifices for you and the whole family would definitely go a long way. 

For sure, it’s one way to touch our mommas’ hearts.

Behind The Scenes: Preparing the Best Mother’s Day Card

Aside from flowers, chocolates, hugs, and kisses, giving her a heartfelt Mother’s Day card would be the best Mother’s Day gift ever. But before that, here are some tips and tricks on what to think, and how to prep your awesome and heartfelt gift.

Whether it’s personalized, handmade, printed, or a ready-made card, what matters most is your message reflecting how genuine your love, gratitude, and affection is towards your mom. 

As much as possible, keep the tone and mood light and positive—we don’t want to stress our supermoms on their special day, right? Tell her how much she means to you and your siblings, how much you look up to her, and remind her how much you love her.

Don’t forget to thank her for everything—from tirelessly juggling work and attending to everyone’s needs, unending support, and everything else in between. Commend her for doing a job well done (actually, it’s beyond expectations!).

What to Write in a Mother’s Day Card

It is true that there are times when it’s hard to find the right words to express our heartfelt gratitude and love for our moms. We got you covered by starting with these points to consider in writing a Mother’s Day card. These points may ripple to personal experiences and memories that you could share with your mom as an affirmation of your love for her.


Add a personal touch to your handmade or store-bought card by showing your appreciation for her presence and her selfless love to you and your family. You might tell her to have a bee-lightful day despite being a busy bee most of the time, or thank her for raising you and for being so supportive in all your endeavors and dreams.


You may share your wonderful praise and admiration towards her being the best supermom one could ever have. Tell her how proud you are to have her as your best friend, role model, teacher, advisor, and mom rolled into one.

Inspirational Quotes

This glitter would never go out of style. Just like how your moms inspire you to be the best-est versions of yourselves, affirm their presence and roles on how they motivate you through these inspirational quotes. You may surf the web for the best piece of quote, which suits your wonderful momma. It may be quoted from a well-known philosopher, artist, or professional.

In addition, you may quote some verses from the Bible to make it more meaningful.

Funny & Witty Antics

If you’re looking for something to spice up your Mother’s Day card, here’s the answer to what you’re looking for! Lighten up the mood, and earn humorous laughs by adding some funny and witty antics to your “Thank you, mom” card. Here are some ideas you can pick up:

  • Behind every great mother is a kid who’s even more awesome 😉
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Congratulations on giving birth to an absolute legend.
  • Flowers? Chocolates? Fancy Dates? They aren’t the best gift for you really! Luckily, you’ve got me!
  • Mom, rest up and chill for the day. We got you covered today for the household chores. See ya tomorrow!
  • I know it’s hard when you gave birth to me. Who said that making the perfect piece of art is easy?

“Thank You, Mom” Quotes

“I’m a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.”


To the world, you are a mother, but to me, you are the world!

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”

Abraham Lincoln

“I love my mother as trees love water and sunshine. She helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights.”

Terry Guillemets

Who ran to help me when I fell,

And would some pretty story tell,

Or kiss the place to make it well?

My Mother.

Ann Taylor

The sweetest sounds to mortals given

Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.

William Goldsmith Brown

I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.


“A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.”

Tenneva Jordan

“Thanks for never asking for reasons or explanations when all I wanted was a long hug and a few laughs.”

“I look back on my childhood and thank the stars above. For everything you gave me, but mostly for your love.”

Wayne F. Winters

“Thank You, Mom” Messages

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your unconditional love and care. Thank you for being the secret to my lifelong success. What a wonderful mom you are!

Thank you for raising me to be the kind of person I am today. I will forever remember everything you have done to help me reach my full potential. Happy Mother’s Day!

You have no idea how much you mean to me. Thank you for your patience and hard work. You have influenced my lifestyle as an adult in so many positive ways.

Everything you taught me and every value you’ve instilled in me led me to be independent and successful in my chosen track. I owe everything to you, mom. Thank you for your selfless sacrifice and unconditional love. I love you to bits. Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, I want to let you know that your dedication to me does not go unnoticed. Thank you for encouraging me to be the most perfect [woman/man] I could possibly be. I couldn’t have been the amazing [wife/husband] and [mother/father] that I am without your guidance. Thanks, once again, to the best mom ever.

Thanks for making me believe that I can achieve anything I want. I appreciate your constant love and care.

There may be times when I’m stubborn and cold as ice, but never an inch of your love and care decreased. Instead, you showed me how much you love and care for me. To the most amazing person I know, Happy Mother’s Day! 

I’m aware that this is just the beginning of the exciting journey of life. I thank God for making you my guiding light. May He continue to bless you a thousandfold!

I would like to show my appreciation for all the love and care that you have shown me since the day I was born. Thanks for being there for me not only when I needed you most, but all the time. May God grant all that you wish for in life!

Because you are always full of wise advice and know me even better than I know myself—thank you for always being there for me. All my love.

You are the reason why I am strong in every challenge I face because you were there for me when I stumble and cry, kissing my worries away. You are my rock, mom. I love you heaps!

Thank you, mom, for giving my wings so that I may try to learn how to fly even though you sometimes have to catch me when I fall. I only soar higher, mom, because of you.

How do I sum up my gratitude for you, Mom, in just a few words? I can’t, but thank you and I love you.

Dear Mom, thank you for being there for me when I needed you, and even for the times when I thought I didn’t. I love you.

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear a crown only fitted for a queen momma—and that’s you. To our supermom, Happy Mother’s Day!

I may not understand what it means to be a mom, but I know how it feels to have a mom like you. It’s you who will stand still right by my side when all else fails. You are my home, mom. Thank you for everything.

Moms do so many things selflessly out of love, not even expecting thanks or anything in return. Let me remind you how thankful I am to have you as my mom. I love you big time! Happy Mother’s Day!

I may seem ungrateful at times, but really, you don’t even know the gratitude I have in my heart for you, mom. I wish I could show it better than I do but I love you and thank you for everything.

If I held an audition for my “Dream Mom,” you’d take center stage, and own it. Happy Mother’s Day!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for understanding and supporting me, for being there in good times and bad, for simply being you… the best mom in the world. Happy Mother’s Day!

Right from the start, you were the one who nurtured me, prayed over me, worried about me, guided me, and supported me in every pursuit. Thank you for being there every day with just the love I needed.

Raising me took a lot of patience. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

I thank heaven for having you. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!

Thanks for putting up with us! We love you like crazy.

Love is a family tradition for us… I’ve always known that as long as I’ve been on this planet. You’re a big part of those loving memories, and you’re the reason I feel so lucky to be born into this family.

Happy Mother’s Day to an amazing woman I’ll always admire, appreciate, and love!

Thank you for all the ways you go above and beyond every day for us. We are so so lucky to have you.

You might think I never hear what you say, mom. But the truth is, I live by your words every day. Thank you for everything.

Your loving spirit helped me find my own. Thank you for being my light, mom. I owe everything to you. Happy Mother’s Day!

For the friend, the support, the mom you are… I love you.


With all these “thank you, mom” quotes being said and more, let us not forget to acknowledge how important our moms are in our lives. Indeed, they loved us unconditionally from the very moment they knew we were in her tummy. 

Let us celebrate this day to pay it forward—show how much we are thankful and grateful for their tireless presence, selfless sacrifices, and unconditional love for us. As we pay tribute to our superheroes, let’s make it a habit to let our one and only queen feel loved and appreciated every single moment while we can.

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