Heartwarming Left-Right Game Stories for Your Family Reunion

There’s always at least a day in a year when we can celebrate and catch up with our relatives through family reunions. We usually celebrate it with a sumptuous meal, fun activities and games, and maybe even a fun karaoke session. We take this time as an opportunity to bond and strengthen our familial ties with one another. One game you can play for your family reunion is the Left-Right game. Usually, this is played during the Christmas season to exchange gifts. However, we can customize it, so we can play it during family reunions.

Playing the Left-Right Game on Your Family Reunion

There is only one way to play the Left-Right game. However, to make it more apt for a family reunion, we have a few ideas to adjust the game.

One Main Prize And Some Gag Gifts

One way to play this is to have one prize item while the others are dummies or gag gifts. The surprise of who gets the main gift is still a lot of fun, and you’re sure to get some laughs as people unveil the gag gifts they’ve received.

Too Many People? No Worries At All!

If you’re having a particularly large reunion, then having enough gifts might be too expensive. In that case, have one representative for each family play the game. Seeing who gets the prize, and who gets the dummy/gag gift is the fun part of the game.

You can also play this game the traditional way. Have each family bring a gift, and choose a representative to play the game. By the end of the story, everyone has a gift or prize to open. Playing the Left-Right game would surely bring a lot of laughter and excitement to your family reunion.

What makes this Left-Right game more interesting and fun is that you get to hear a story while playing. Your hearing and attention will also be tested, as you have to watch out for the cue words, telling you whether you should pass the prize to the person on your left or right.

How to Play

Gather everyone, and let them sit in a circle while holding their items for the game. The gamemaster tells a story, and the participants should be very attentive to which direction they would pass the gift. When they hear the word “left,” they must pass their gifts to the person on their left. The same goes for when they hear the word “right.” At the end of the story, whatever you’re holding is now yours. 

Left-Right Game Stories for Family Reunion

There are a lot of left-right game stories for different occasions and events that you could tweak and use for your family reunions. You can also opt to write your own left-right story. The goal of this story game is to include many “left” and “right” words in the story, while everyone is having fun and keeping the energy alive and kicking. 

You may also check out these two left-right game stories we’ve written for your upcoming family reunion.

Story #1: Spontaneous Family Reunion Stories by the Cliffords 

Today is a very special day for the Clifford (you may change the name) family. Lauren is very excited to see her relatives as they celebrate their annual family reunion. Since it’s their first time to visit their Aunt Jenny’s place, who is hosting this reunion, Lauren is tasked to give the right directions to her mom. 

She looked left and right, then right again before she signaled her mom to turn right on the next street. After a few left turns, they’re now on the highway. A little while after that, she can see several trees on her right while her baby brother Jack is fast asleep, and leaning on her right shoulder.

Mom suddenly asked, “Did Jack fall asleep already?”

“Yeah, he’s sleeping on my right shoulder, Mom.” Lauren replied.

If the navigation app is right, they are around thirty minutes away from Aunt Jenny’s. The call time is 12 noon, and it’s only 10:30 right now. So, they have enough time left before the actual reunion starts.

As she stared right at her window, Lauren got curious about her mom’s family reunions when she was little. So she asked, “Mom, what’s your fondest childhood memory of your family reunions?”

Mom thought about it for a while before answering. “Actually, almost every single day is a family reunion for me because your grandmother and her sister lived right next to each other. Your grandma Ellie lived two houses away on the left of your grandma Joy’s, while some of my cousins lived across the street back then.

“But, we still have big family reunions during Christmas because we all celebrate the holidays together. What made it more meaningful and special was that we celebrated it with our neighbor and her family.” 

Mom continued sharing her story as Lauren instructed her that the exit is on the next right.

“What do you mean, Mom? Did you invite them every year to celebrate the holidays? Didn’t they have a family to celebrate it with?” Lauren curiously asked.

“We considered them part of our family. Auntie Martha is what we called her. She had been like a mother to us, after all. She’d been with us all our lives. While we have a happier life thanks to Auntie Martha, she was always working to make ends meet.”

“Auntie’s family was not that well-off, you see. They didn’t have all the nice things we enjoyed. Sometimes, there wasn’t much left for her kids to have toys as you might enjoy.”

Oh, it’s the first time Mom shared about her Auntie Martha, and Lauren was touched by what her mom shared. “Yeah, we are very fortunate and lucky to have a comfy life, Mom. We’re not rich, yet we still have something left to share.” 

“That’s right. So, we always need to at least say a few thanksgiving prayers every now and then and share our blessings to those who are less fortunate.”

As they continued talking, Mom took the exit on the right, and, before they knew it, they’d arrived at their destination right on time.

The end.

Story #2: The Bears’ Family Reunion

The sun is out, birds are chirping, and we can’t wait to go outside and have some fun under the sun. Aside from being free from school to enjoy a vacation, this is also the right season for our family reunion. It’s the time of the year to visit Grandpa Bear and Grandma Bear and see all our relatives living in other states!

Papa Bear and Mama Bear left some invites months before for this annual event. Some of our relatives left their homes a bit early because they take the train to get to Grandma and Grandpa’s place—the home of the Bears family.

Our Grandpa Bear and Grandma Bear are the most excited grandparents in the whole wide world. They would wait for us to arrive right at their doorstep to welcome us with warm hugs and kisses.

“Hi, Grandpa Bear! Hello, Grandma Bear! We missed you! How are you guys doing?” I rushed right to where they’re standing after we left the car, parked on the sidewalk.

“Hey, sweetie. We’re doing alright. Come, let’s go inside and prepare for our family reunion!” Grandma Bear excitedly replied.

“Hello, Mama! Hello, Papa! Oh, I can smell the freshly baked apple pie right from the oven already! Yum!” Mama Bear greeted with glee.

I can sense her excitement with Grandma Bear’s apple pie. I swear she makes the best in town! The thickness of the crust is perfect, and its sweetness is just right for all ages.

“Oh, I hear a beep from outside. Maybe it’s your Auntie Janie Bear!” Grandpa Bear told my little brother Roby Bear. Grandpa left him on the couch, and headed to the patio to welcome Auntie Janie Bear and her family. 

We’re finally complete! I’m so happy!

Our Bear cousins came running right at Grandpa Bear, and hugged him tightly.

Auntie Janie Bear just came right on time for our family lunch. We had a sumptuous feast right before our eyes. There are sausages, cheese, grapes, and wine right beside bowl of punch. On the left is the main course. There’s a potluck of roasted chicken, pork kebabs, and steak. We also have scones, apple pie, and various pastries to choose from.

“Before we eat, let’s make a Bear-y Family memory!” Grandma Bear said, holding up her camera. She’s fond of keeping photos of our Bear family right by her bedside table. She looks at them from time to time when we’re not with her.

Grandpa Bear stood in the middle, while Grandma Bear was on his left. Our Mama Bear and Papa Bear stood behind us together with Auntie Janie Bear. Roby Bear and our cousin bears stood in front of the dining table so that we could be seen in the family picture.  

Uncle Jaime Bear set up the tripod and camera together with its timer. Right on cue, he rushed to his position beside Auntie Janie Bear. We squeezed in together to fit in the frame.

“Say Cheesy Bear!” Grandma Bear shouted right when the shutter came blinking fast, signaling it’s about to take a shot.


We ate while catching up with stories and memories. Oh, what a wonderful day it is to be with my Bear family. I can definitely say with pride and glee that I’m a Bear, and we are right here for every Bear through thick or thin, no matter what.

By this time, I hope you’re holding the right gift for yourself because there’s nothing left in the story. I also hope you had fun, actively listening to the story and looking out for the right cues! Now, you may open the gift you are left with! Enjoy!

Exciting Left Right Family Reunion Game to Play

Surely, the room will be filled with laughter and enjoyment all throughout the Left-Right game, as it brings the family together while actively listening to the story. It adds sparkle and joy to your momentous family reunion.

Whether you end up with the dummy prize or a beautiful item, always remember that what matters most is the excitement and the fun of the game.

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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