Our 10 Favorite Christian Children’s Books

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As children grow older and start to rationalize and develop their thinking and learning skills, the parents are their foundation and building blocks to shape them well. We teach our kids morals, enhance their basic skills and object recognition, and strengthen their faith and Christian values—how to be obedient, respectful, God-fearing, and Christ-like. We surround our kids with Christian children’s books to help them learn more and shape their future.

As parents, we are their first teachers who instill good values and right conduct, so we need to invest in a good set of books. If you’re looking for Christian children’s books, scroll down to know more about what to look for and what books to shop for.

What to Look For When Buying Christian Children’s Books

Before purchasing one, you must first consider these factors to be assured that you’re picking good Christian children’s books.

Message and Content

Children are innately curious. With this, it is a must-have to look for books that have a good message and content, which would excite your children when reading. In addition, these books should be reader-friendly, meaning the book should suit your little one’s capability to comprehend and understand the message of the story. 

It would also be good to read the book to your kids or, if not, be by their side when they are reading. This way, whenever they have questions, you could explain and guide them.


Aside from being curious, kids are also known for their short attention span. If the book you are eyeing contains pages full of lengthy words, then it’s not the book for your kid right now. Look for books that have large illustrations or visuals, which would enhance their curiosity and attention to the book. Also, these illustrations can help the kids immerse more into the book’s content, and it can also enhance their object recognition skills.

Valuable Lessons

It is very important that the books you invest in would impart valuable lessons to your children. These lessons should leave a mark on them, and apply to them in real life. So, make sure to look for books with valuable lessons on it!

Books to Shop For

To make the most out of your chosen Christian children’s books, make sure that they serve these purposes:

Age-Appropriate Books

The book you are going to buy should be child-friendly and age-appropriate. 

How do you determine if this book is appropriate for your kid? 

If your kid is still a baby or a toddler, make sure that this book is made of sturdy material, such as cardboard or wipeable book covers. When your kid grows a little older and starts preschool, invest in storybooks made of paper pages containing big pictures. In this manner, they can hold the book and flip the pages with care, and be hooked and lost in the story as they read on their own. 

Books with Bible Teachings and Talk About God

Shop for books with Bible teachings and stories about who God is. This will not only expose your kids to various biblical teachings, but they would also gain life lessons and strengthen their faith in God. 

There are books that narrate some of the Bible parables, which are tailor-fitted on a child’s perspective and understanding. In this manner, your kids can learn various Bible teachings at a young age and, at the same time, gain lessons and morals from the story.

Aside from that, it is a must to shop for Christian books that introduce God to your kiddos. As early as now, strengthen their faith by introducing our Almighty Father to them with the help of good books. 

Books that Answer Children’s Questions

Given that kids are innately curious, make sure to shop for books that will really answer your children’s curious questions. As they start to develop their rationalization and analysis, they would always have several questions popping in their minds. So, it’s best to have substantial books that are informative and interactive at the same time.

Our Favorite Christian Children’s Books

We have collated 10 promising Christian children’s books for you to give your children. You can read these to your children as you tuck them in bed or they can read these themselves during downtime.

No matter where and when you read, you and your children would surely love these Christian children’s books as much as we do!

Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science

Let your kids learn more about the majestic Earth, and how God designed this wonderful creation through this book. Suitable for ages six to 10 years old, this book contains a lot of devotional stories about God’s creation, and how He creatively designed our world. It is very informational and, at the same time, visually represented through original illustrations of different clusters, namely: 

  • Outer Space – Planets, Stars, and Galaxies
  • Earth – Geology, Oceans, and Weather
  • Animal creatures
  • Human Beings – Minds, Bodies & Imaginations

After each devotion, the author provided a special section called Be Amazed wherein it contains nitty-witty facts and trivia, hands-on exercises, as well as a closing prayer to end the devotion. This way, your kids are not only learning the wonders of science, but also strengthening the ties of your kids with the Almighty Father.

If you want your kid to learn more about our universe, and let them unravel how indescribable and great our God is, this is the book to reach for!

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If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart

This book is perfect for the parents who want to introduce Jesus Christ in their kids’ lives. Aside from letting our kids know that Jesus is always there with us, it also imparts Christ-like values, such as kindness and generosity, to your kid. In addition, it has several scenarios wherein it shows how we discover Jesus’ presence in our lives, and makes your kids ask, “If Jesus is in my situation, what would he do?”

It is very child-friendly because it is an illustrated board book that can withstand the wear and tear of your kiddo, aged two to five. Indeed, this book is a great jumpstart in strengthening your child’s faith in God.

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Good Good Father

The story of this book focuses on how great the King’s love is for everyone. Here’s Tucker, a little bear, who wanted to give a perfect gift for the King in exchange for his call for help. There were several obstacles that came along the way, which led Tucker to doubt if the King would still help him. But in the end, the King accepted Tucker with open arms full of love, acceptance, and willingness to help.

With this story, it is a great metaphor to show God’s relationship and unconditional love for each one of us in spite and despite. This story also emphasized that the King, our Lord God, is always right by our sides no matter what we encounter; He will save us from harm. Grab this storybook to share with your kids how loving our God is.

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It Will be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change

As our kids start to grow older, they may experience fear, and worry about change. Little Seed and Little Fox may represent them in the story. Suitable for ages four to eight, it focuses on the moral lesson that no matter what happens, always remember that God is and will always be with you. Everything’s gonna be okay; there’s nothing to fear and worry about. He is and will always be there. He’s one call away to help you through anything. 

It has wonderful illustrations to help your kids imagine the scenarios in the story, and it’s a perfect gift for your kids, nephews and nieces!

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The Oak Inside the Acorn

This story revolves between two characters, Little Acorn and Oak, who are in search of their purpose in life. Little Acorn is afraid of what he could be when he grows up. There’s a glimpse of insecurity as he compares himself to orange trees or bushes of roses. Until one day, he grew maturely and found his purpose.

The message the author wanted to convey in this story is that it may take time to discover one’s purpose in life. Others may excel in this and that, but it doesn’t mean you should be discouraged if you’re not an achiever or as talented as the next kid. Through this book, your kid can be reminded and encouraged to keep discovering their talents and skills, and they will find out what God has in store.

This 48-paged book is appropriate for kids in preschool to fifth grade. Please note that this may be lengthy for toddlers, and may not sustain their span of attention to the whole story in one sitting.

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If I Could Ask God Anything: Awesome Bible Answers for Curious Kids

As mentioned earlier, kids are innately curious. They’re like a ball of yarn that strings from questions to questions. This is the perfect book for kids who have a lot of questions about God.

This not only focuses on God, but also answers important questions about faith, prayer, Christianity. It also helps our kids understand more about the Bible. Some of the questions that have been answered in this book are the following: 

  • If God is invisible, how do I know He is real?
  • Did Jesus live on Earth before or after the dinosaurs?
  • Why should I go to Church?
  • When I die, do I become an angel with a halo and wings?
  • What does heaven look like?
  • Why does God not have a beginning and an end?
  • How can the Holy Spirit help me?
  • Does God stop loving me when I sin?

If your kid is very inquisitive, then purchasing this book is totally worth it. This may serve as your kids’ guide on strengthening their faith and relationship with God. Also, it helps us to answer our kids’ inquiries on our behalf, especially when we are unsure of the answer to a certain question.

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When God Made You

These beautifully made poems complemented by vivid illustrations would let your kids immerse themselves on how God created them. It will also answer the question, “Why did God create us?”

Some may ask if they are really unique and beautiful; the answer would be yes, and the world won’t be as beautiful as it is if you are not there spreading your wings to fly.

Indeed, When God Made You is a reminder for our kids, as well as to everyone, that the world needs someone exactly like you. So, don’t you ever question or doubt whether you have a purpose here.

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I Can Only Imagine

Similar to the book If I Could Ask Anything, this one also answers several curious questions through this creatively written and visualized faith-filled book. Kids may ask, “What does heaven look like?” or “What does it feel when you are with Jesus for a day?” 

Your kids may realize that heaven may be far away from here, but they can experience a glimpse of heaven here on Earth through their faith in God. Also, they will come to learn that Jesus is and will always be here for them. He is their constant companion and best friend. 

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God’s Wisdom for Little Boys: Character-Building Fun from Proverbs

In this book, your son may ask, “What is it like to be God’s little boy?” As he flips the pages of the book, he will then discover that God’s little boy has a strong faith, is kind, loving, brave, honest, responsible, and so much more. In other words, Christ-like.

This is a perfect gift or book investment if you want to impart wisdom and values to your son, as he will grow to be a man like God. Fret not for those mommies and daddies who have little princesses, there is also a book entitled God’s Wisdom for Little Girls.

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Princess Stories: Real Bible Stories of God’s Princesses

Princess Stories is a set of various four-page stories, which include Bible verses and stories about women, and relate it to being God’s princess. Moreover, there’s also a section called Princess Ponderings where little girls, together with her parents, share insights about the stories and discover valuable lessons that can be applied in real-life situations.

This book will not only make your little princesses gain values and lessons, but they would also be exposed to and understand more Biblical stories of women. With this, it will greatly help your daughter find her way to becoming God’s princess.

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With all these books listed above, it will surely entertain your kids and, at the same time, leave them with takeaways from every story written. These books are a good source of Christian teachings and values. It helps our kids understand how to be a man and woman of God, why they should embrace who they are and discover their purpose in life. But most importantly, it helps strengthen their faith in Him, reminding them that God is and will always be there right by their side no matter what.

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