35 Family New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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Often times, when New Year’s Eve is approaching, we are scrambling around trying to figure out what kind of personal goals we should set for ourselves. What’s more fun is setting a family New Year’s resolution!

Ideas are abundant which means they are easy to come up with. Here are some family New Year’s resolution ideas that you won’t want to miss!

Family New Year’s Resolution Ideas

  1. We will take a family vacation once a year.
  2. We will have a weekly family game night (find out why family game night is so important).
  3. We will do family movie night the second Saturday of every month.
  4. We will go to church on every Sunday.
  5. We will get out each weekend of nice weather.
  6. We will eat dinner together as a family each night at the dining room table with no TV or phones at the table.
  7. We will do a ten-minute bible study together each day.
  8. We will have less junk food in the house.
  9. We will start buying and consuming more organic foods.
  10. We will take walks together every day after dinner.
  11. We will keep our phones out of earshot and sight when spending time together.
  12. Computer time will be limited to a half hour each day, with the exception of homework.
  13. We will stop using swear words and street slang.
  14. We will openly talk about our days and stresses, and find ways to help each other cope with daily problems.
  15. We will plan a family reunion.
  16. We will call our parents/grandparents once a week to catch them up on everything in our family.
  17. We will try to fix things that break rather than jump on replacing them.
  18. We will do housework together.
  19. We will keep clean the rooms we are responsible for.
  20. We will communicate more openly and clearly.
  21. We will start a family garden and each take place in maintaining it.
  22. We will start a family side business for fun.
  23. We will set a schedule for showers so we aren’t dueling over the hot water.
  24. We will argue less and be more respectful in our debates.
  25. We will call each other instead of using text messages.
  26. We will wash hands thoroughly before eating and after using the restroom.
  27. We will make an effort to use good manners, especially at the dinner table.
  28. We will spend more time with extended family.
  29. We will make a family effort to save money.
  30. We will recycle anything that can be recycled!
  31. We will start cleaning our house without harmful chemicals.
  32. We will volunteer our time together as a family one weekend each month to help the community.
  33. We will try to fix clothes before throwing them away.
  34. We will find uses for jars and containers instead of tossing them in the trash.
  35. We will stop wearing our shoes in the house.

Setting goals together as a family will make it easier to uphold the goals past the wintery months that we often give them up in. Work together as a family to better yourselves! The possibilities are endless when you work as a team!

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