Easy Easter Flower Decorating Ideas

Springtime is in full bloom, so what better time is there to give a family member or friend a beautiful floral plant or bouquet of fresh-cut flowers or adorn your own home or office with the scented scenery.

Many people like to purchase flowers to show appreciation to the host of an Easter event, while others enjoy planting them outside or decorating their homes inside with these Easter flowers.

Types of Easter Flowers

Although this is prime time for most species of flowering plants, there are a few distinct breeds that are synonymous with the springtime holiday.

Here are five flowers that are Easter favorites:

Easter Lilies

The Easter lily is without a doubt, the most popular flower for Easter. For many, the beautiful trumpet-shaped white flowers symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, and hope. These flowers are also highly respected in the church, as Jesus actually discusses them in Luke 12:27, saying “Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”


These classy flowers are a close second to the Easter lily, with one colorful difference; tulips come in a wide variety of colors! Each color means something different; white symbolizes forgiveness, purple represents royalty, red means love, and yellow represents cheerful thoughts, a particularly appropriate color for Easter!


If there is one flower that looks like it’s smiling at you, it’s the adorable daffodil! These happy flowers are one of my favorites and symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, making it a great springtime bloom to celebrate the season with!


Irises, the state flower of Tennessee, are a uniquely shaped flower, with three petals standing upright, symbolizing faith, valor, and wisdom. They are named after the Greek goddess Iris, the Greek word for rainbow.


Last, but certainly not least, is the humble daisy, one of the sweetest, simplest flowers, and a favorite among many women. Daisies are most commonly white, but can also be found in a variety of other pastel colors perfect for Easter. Even more appropriate is what daisies symbolize; innocence, purity, and true love. Jesus was innocent, and pure of sin, and showed true love through His sacrifice on the cross.

All of these flowers are beautiful and easily found during Easter time, which makes them ideal for gift giving and decorating.

DIY Easter Flower Decorating Ideas

Easter is the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing and get crafty with your floral decorations! And if you have the intention of giving flowers as a gift, arranging them yourself in a fun way will show your loved one you care even more!

Table Centerpieces

Of course, bouquets of spring flowers are pretty no matter what, but these are likely to be the centerpiece of your table, so why not make it something special!

Filled Vase Floral Arrangement

This beautiful centerpiece uses a technique you can use in a multitude of ways. First, you’ll need a large, wide-mouthed glass canister, and a smaller canister that you can place inside it. Layer whatever you want between the canisters, in this case, it’s dyed eggs, (jelly beans and PEEPS are also popular Easter-themed options), and place your flowers in the center. It’s so easy, yet the results look so expensive!

Carrot Easter Centerpiece

Why not decorate with the Easter Bunny’s favorite veggie?! This arrangement is surprisingly easy as well. Start by placing your flowers in a short vase, and wrap a rubber band around the outside of the vase. One at a time, place peeled carrots underneath the rubber band, circling the outside of the vase. Wrap a ribbon around the outside to hide the rubber band and finish the look. Check out the tutorial here.

Cabbage Floral Arrangement

To make this garden-inspired centerpiece, start by hollowing out a large head of cabbage, making a large enough space to place a small jar or a block of floral wet foam inside. Trim your flowers of choice and arrange them to your liking and tada, a super creative centerpiece for your Easter dinner table! For more amazing photos and the complete how-to, check out Darling Darleen.

Potted Plants

If you plan on decorating your front porch or garden for spring, make sure you include these cute ways to hold plants!

Fingerprint Flower Pots

This is a great craft to get the kids in on, since it’s impossible to mess up! All you need is a variety of pastel paints and a terra cotta pot for each person. Dip a finger in the paint and press it against the side of the pot, leaving a colorful fingerprint. Paint polka dots, flowers, bunnies, chicks, whatever you want! It’s fun, cheap, and messy, the perfect DIY project! Check out the full tutorial at Kids Stuff World.

Hanging Colander Planters

If you’re a fan of upcycling projects, you’ll love these hanging colander planters! Take a trip to your local thrift store and find a few old colanders. Grab a variety of cans of pastel-colored spray paints and paint away! Once the colanders are dry, tie a rope to the sides, fill with your favorite Easter flowers, and hang them up wherever you want!

Door Wreaths & Hangers

Welcome guests to your home with a handmade wreath or hanger that is sure to make them smile!

Easter Egg Wreath

Cute and sweet, this little floral wreath is inexpensive to make yourself, but looks like you spent a fortune on it! Decorate it with pastel Easter eggs and finish it with a ribbon of your choice. I adore the floral ribbon Crystal chose, but a burlap bow would be super cute as well! For the photo step-by-step guide, check out A Pumpkin and a Princess!

Tulip Carrot Door Hang

If you don’t smile walking up to a door with this on it, then clearly the Easter Bunny isn’t leaving you anything special! This tulip carrot door hang is about the funnest Easter decoration I’ve seen, and the fact that it’s DIY makes it even more fun! Head over to Hometalk for complete instructions.

Now that you have some ideas for how to decorate this Easter, it’s time to get out the scissors and glue gun and get to work!

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