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11 Creative Family Reunion Banner Ideas

“We are family!”  Well, you won’t have to scream it if you have a whole bunch of things that scream it for you.  The family eyes, the family badonkadonk, matching t-shirts, oh, and banners, of course!

Speaking of banners, they are a completely necessary decoration for any big event, especially family reunions.  Family reunion banners not only look great, but they let people know that you’re serious.  Family reunions are some serious business from the planning to the traveling and gathering!

DIY Banners to Make with Your Family

There is no single way that is the right way to make family reunion banners.  It all depends on your family, the venue, and, of course, your budget.  If you need some ideas to inspire you, here’s some great ideas for family reunion banners:

Handprints:  Create a banner with the family name, and lay it out at the beginning of the reunion for each family member to put their handprints on upon entering.  Fly it with pride as soon as you have all handprints!

The (family name) footprint:  Forget carbon footprints, this is family business!  Similar to the handprint banner idea, this one will involve everyone’s footprints!  Don’t forget the wipes!

Burlap banner:  Using burlap material, cut out squares, and using a single, bold letter on each square, spell out the family name. Don’t feel like making one yourself? Check out Etsy to have a custom one made for your reunion!

Coat of arms:  If your family has a coat of arms, put this on the banner!  Family-related and sophisticated!

Picture clothesline:  String a clothesline between two poles, posts, or trees, and have each family member bring a family photo or two to pin on the clothesline as they enter.

Flag:  Using a bedsheet and a long, metal rod, make a flag for the family reunion!  Use finger paint, food coloring, puffy paints, spray paint, anything that will stick.

Tie-dye:  Find a white background boring on a banner?  Tie-dye the banner first, then add your message!  I’m sure there is a hippy or two in your family somewhere…

Your family defined:  Using single words and colored paint, paint words all over the banner that describe your family, avoiding dark colors.  Once this dries, in darker paint or in black, paint your message, family name, or whatever you prefer.

Names:  Similar to the idea above, paint the name of every family member using colored paint, avoiding dark colors.  Once the names dry, paint your message, family name, or whatever you prefer.

The bigger, the better:  Want your banner to be seen from outer space?  Here’s how!  Using poster boards, spell out your family name letter by letter a with a big, block letter on each poster board.  On each poster board, write other words in a lighter color that begin with that letter.  For example, the “B” in Bellinger:  Beautiful, brainy, bright, blessed, blissful, etc.

Professional:  If you do not wish to physically make one yourself, there are many companies that would love to compete for your business.  All you have to do is submit a design, and they’ll deliver exactly what you want.

Now that you have a few great ideas for making family reunion banners, it’s probably a good time to get started.  The more tasks you knock out in advance, the better!

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