Super Awesome Gifts For Your Uncle (or Superman)

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To have a good bond with an uncle is almost like having a second father: They can protect you and guide you, yet be a guy who you can kick back with on the weekends and have a good talk. Uncles give a lot of love and never expect anything in return other than time spent with them. If you are looking for a way to thank them for all they have done for you, or simply a gift for Christmas or their birthday, then read on!

Uncle Gifts He Can’t Complain About!

When it comes to searching for uncle gifts, you have to think to yourself just what it is that they are into. Men tend to be pretty easy-going. They enjoy things that are practical, sport-related, and whatever can make their time with the guys more fun. If you are searching for some ideas for uncle gifts, then you came to the right place!

Unclesaurus Rex shirt

I can vouch for the awesomeness of this shirt, as it was my Uncle’s Christmas gift last year! Not only was it funny when he opened his present, it was funny when he showed up for Easter dinner wearing the mean green dino shirt! If your uncle is hard to shop for, or even worse, hard to shop for and complains about his gifts, go with the Unclesaurus!

Coleman lantern

Whether he’s a camper or just lacks a good light source when working on the car, every man should have one of these in their garage, and will likely find many uses for it over time. This ultra-bright LED lantern has 75 hours of run time and has a ton of hanging options. Just look at it! It’s the perfect lantern! (and very highly rated!)

“Best uncle ever” beverage coolie

Help your uncle keep those drinks cold and not his hands! This is a great gift to get for uncles at a family reunion. (Because all of your uncles are the best uncles ever, right?)

Emergency roadside assistance kit

Everyone should have one of these in their car, and it’s definitely a gift any uncle can appreciate! I think it’s especially good for those uncles who have an older vehicle.

Worlds okayest uncle mug

Practical and hilarious, this mug will definitely bring a grin to his chin! He’s better than just okay, he’s the okayest and he’s okay with that!

Triumph Sports USA tournament bag toss

If your uncle is the type who enjoys kicking it easy in the backyard with some friends around a fire, then this game will help him bring some life to those gatherings!

Referee jersey

If he’s a sports fan, forget his favorite team jersey, get him a referee jersey instead! He likely already yells at the TV anyway regarding all the missed penalties that go on during games and bad calls by real refs; might as well get him a jersey that suits his behavior!

“Best buckin’ uncle ever” t-shirt

Does your uncle enjoy hunting or enjoy nature in general? If he’s got a good sense of humor, this is the kind of shirt he should be wearing!

Stainless steel water bottle

Everyone drinks water, right? Using a stainless steel bottle not only keeps a lot of plastic out of landfills, but they stay cold longer!

Hand crank radio/flashlight/phone charger

This is a must-have for any camper, outdoorsmen, or traveler! Small enough to not take much space, yet powerful enough to perform multiple tasks!

Uncles are not recognized enough for their roles in a niece or nephew’s lives, so surprising them with a gift from you will let them know that they have done something right in your life. Uncles can choose to be a part of your life, and the ones that do make that choice to be present are people worth thanking!

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