Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes Kids Can Make

Happy mothers day breakfast in bed mum with card and tray of delicious food

The quickest way to a woman’s heart is with food, they always say! Even though you probably already have your mom’s heart, Mother’s Day is coming up and that means she shouldn’t have to do any cooking of her own! A mother’s break from cooking on Mother’s Day should start with you bringing her breakfast […]

Cute Christian Mother’s Day Poems

Cute Christian Mother's Day Poems

You have touched your mom’s heart since the day she knew about you, and then when she laid eyes on you, forget it! She was captivated by the little miracle that lay in her arms and knew that she was now on a lifelong journey, giving her a woman’s greatest purpose. Flash forward to Mother’s […]

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts and Crafts

Beautiful hand made post card and scrapbooking elements

If there’s one kind of gift Mom loves to receive, it’s homemade Mother’s Day gifts! Not only do homemade Mother’s Day gifts melt her heart, but they’re more thoughtful than buying something from the store as you take time out of your day to make something special for her! Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts With so […]

10 Good Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $25

Cute lad with congratulating card looking at his mother with giftbox

Mother’s Day is coming up and although mother’s never really expect material things from their kids or loved ones, this day is one exception to the rule! Every mom should feel appreciated on a day that celebrates her, and she never asks for a lot. Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts If you are in search of some […]

Mother’s Day Activities to Do With Mom

Family Walking Along Dunes On Winter Beach

What does mom love more than receiving gifts from her kids? Spending time with them! Be sure to make time for your mom to really get some quality time in with her this upcoming Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day Activities Mother’s Day is one of those days that should most certainly be spent with your mother, […]

20 Fun Family Reunion Name Tag Ideas


Family reunions are a great time for the whole family, and a time to catch up on everything that has changed within the family, but when it comes to the family members that you have never met or haven’t seen in a long time, it’s hard to figure out what to talk about! Just how […]

14 Bible Verses About Mothers

Strong Hugging

Mother’s have such important roles in life. Not only do they have this amazing ability to grow a baby within her, but also manage to get a large baby out of their bodies and nourish the baby with their body! It’s quite obvious that God knew exactly what he was doing when he created Eve […]

13 Bible Verses About Family


Using Bible verses in any kind of communication is not only an effective way to give a positive message from the Word of God; it’s a way to get important points across that cannot possibly be argued. After all, we’re talking the Bible, the manual of everything right! Not only this, but it’s a nice way […]