Funny Christmas Jokes For Kids

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They say Christmas time is a time of cheer and laughs, and what better way to get everyone cheerful and laughing than by telling a few funny Christmas jokes? Whether you’re looking for a cute joke to add to your Christmas cards or looking for a few one-liners to share at the dinner table, your family […]

Last Minute Christmas Gifts Under $25

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Last minute Christmas gift ideas tend to be hard to come up with because, well, they’re last minute! Unless you can think on your feet, you’re likely at a loss for last minute Christmas gift ideas when you find out that there will be distant family visitors this Christmas celebration. You don’t want them to […]

20 Fun Christmas Bible Trivia Questions

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Christmas Bible trivia is a fun and very appropriate game to play on Christmas when all of your family is present. Make this game a part of family tradition and see who has been keeping up on their Bible studies throughout the year! Christmas Trivia Questions If you are planning a Bible trivia and would […]

Christmas Bible Verses to Share

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Without Christ, there would be no Christmas; this is the most important thing that people tend to overlook during the holiday season while caught up in many other distractions presented to them. While greedy corporations are playing God by trying to steal the spotlight in the name of profit, we need not forget where it […]

Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make with Kids

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DIY Christmas ornaments are not only a nice way to add a more personal touch to your Christmas tree, but they also make excellent gifts for family and friends! Whether it becomes the gift itself, or an added bonus to decorate the present, you don’t want to miss these Christmas ornaments to make with kids! […]

10 Best Family Gift Basket Ideas

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Family gift baskets are perfect for the holiday season, or even on those rare “just because” occasions. Not only does it make your shopping easier, but doing group gifts like this can make it cheaper for you too! All you need are a few family gift basket ideas and you will be on your way […]

8 Family Christmas Party Themes

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Year after year, families happily gather together to celebrate Christmas with their usual family traditions; although the parties are always fun, do they ever have a set theme? Christmas party themes can really add spark to a party and make it more lively amongst family members! Be sure to choose a theme and use it […]

Family Christmas Photo Ideas and Tips


Still trying to get that perfect holiday family portrait? Does it always seem like something is out of place? Perhaps there’s always that one person who seems to make a face or move at the last moment? This year is going to be different, all because you landed on this page; rather serendipitous if you […]