Arrr! Pirate Themed Family Reunion Ideas

Parents Playing Exciting Adventure Game With Children In Summer

Arrrrr matey!  Er, family!  Want to know how to throw a swashbuckling family reunion full of pirates, treasure, and fun?  Well keep reading because you’re about to be hooked on the idea! Celebrate good times like a bunch of pirates for this fun pirate family reunion theme! Invitations You don’t have to go on a [...]

30 Sample Family Reunion Survey Questions


Creating surveys is a great way to get some much-needed input, and when it comes to family reunion planning, you need all of the input you can get! Not only do you get valuable information in return, but you family members are happy to help you out.  You’ll want to ask family reunion survey questions pertaining [...]

What is a Family Reunion?

Multi Generation Family Having Outdoor Barbeque

Have you ever heard your parents talk about a cousin, and you know the name and face from pictures, but you have never actually met them?  Or, perhaps you have a large part of your family who lives 1200 miles away whom you never get to see because your busy schedules just don’t line up [...]

Planning Your Family Reunion Itinerary

Portrait of an extended family smiling at the park

Whenever there are travelers, there is a need for a travel plan.  For a family reunion, this is especially important since they tend to span over several days.  You might want to consider creating a family reunion itinerary, which basically tells your family where they need to be and when. You can also create agendas [...]

Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Family With Man Giving Mother And Children Ride In Wheelbarrow

Scavenger hunts are a great time, and can be used as an icebreaker during a family reunion event.  Family reunion scavenger hunts can be traditional, where you have to find “things” on a list, or as a way to get you to talk to others by collecting signatures of those whom items in the scavenger [...]

10 Family Reunion Games for Adults

Paintball Players

At a family reunion, you can expect there to be many games to keep the kids busy, but don’t adults need some entertainment too?  Yes!  And there are plenty of games that adults can enjoy, too! Okay, you probably won’t be participating in manhunt or races, but what are some games that would be great [...]

Beach Games and Activities for Kids

Portrait of the happy children enjoying at beach.  Schoolchild k

Having a family gathering or family reunion on the beach?  Then you’ll likely need some good beach games for kids to keep them busy, so the adults can relax and catch a tan.  There really is a lot of things you can do on a beach, which is why it’s such a hotspot (literally) for [...]

Top 10 Family Reunion Destinations


A destination can make or break any kind of large gathering, including a family reunion.  Sometimes it can be tough finding the perfect place, where it will be possible to entertain your entire family.  You have to make sure there’s things to do for the kids, places to kick back and relax, or just fun [...]