Family Gifts for Christmas: Fun for the Whole Family

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Buying gifts for everyone in the family? That can be so expensive and stressful! Have you thought about family gifts for Christmas? Believe it or not, you can cross entire families off your Christmas shopping list at once by putting together family gifts for Christmas this year! It’s convenient and (can be) cheaper for you, […]

Christmas Prayers for the Family

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It’s so easy to get all caught up in what I like to call the “holiday shuffle,” that we often forget why we are celebrating the holiday; we almost forget what’s most important! While we are out shopping for trivial things like presents and decorations, we often fail to stop and say a prayer to […]

15 Dirty Santa Gift Ideas for Family

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What’s the dirtiest part of Christmas? The game of Dirty Santa! AKA Chinese Gift Exchange, Yankee Swap, and the White Elephant Gift Exchange, this is a game where any gift is fair game! Game Rules There are rules for this seemingly unruly game, though! Here are the usual rules: Everyone brings a gift valued at […]

Family Christmas Party Invitation Wording

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As the holiday season is nearing, party planning is kicking into full gear. One of the things we don’t do often enough when planning a party is sending out official invitations! Not only can they help you get more RSVPs, but it’s a great way to relay important information about the event! Christmas Party Invitation […]

7 Mouth-Watering Family Reunion Desserts

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Every party and celebration needs some good desserts to follow the delicious meal you will likely have. Without dessert at least being offered, the meal would seem rather incomplete and your guests might be disappointed! Well, if it’s family, it might be different, but family reunion desserts still need to be considered! Family Reunion Desserts […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Kids

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Thanksgiving is undoubtedly a time of giving thanks, but it’s also a time when you might find Uncle Freddy in the kitchen playing with the turkey to make it dance to the latest mainstream hits. Likewise, kids like to play with their food, so instead of them trying to play with the turkey, plan a […]

10 Tasty Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas

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Everyone who’s anyone knows to expect a turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving, and perhaps even a pumpkin pie. Instead of bringing a traditional side dish to the family gathering, why not surprise the rest of the family with some homemade cupcakes? We all enjoy cupcakes every once in a while, but have you […]

Thanksgiving Bible Verses to Share

Thanksgiving Scripture

Most families say a traditional Thanksgiving prayer before they dive into their dinner, but mostly to honor God and thank him for their meal. This year, try something different, and along with saying Grace, consider reading a few Thanksgiving Bible verses as well. It’s important not to forget who made it possible for the family to be […]