Funny Valentine’s Day Poems for Kids

family, children and love concept - hugging mother and daughter

Funny Valentine’s Day Poems are the perfect for children to write in their handmade Valentine’s cards. Whether it’s for a mother, father, sibling, friend, or crush, we have you covered! Kids often come up with their own funny Valentine’s Day poems all on their own. If you’ve ever heard the saying “kids say the darndest […]

25 Retirement Gifts for Women

Five friends with champagne and gifts in living room smiling

Have a lovely lady in the family retiring? Well then you will be in need of some retirement gifts for women! Retirement is a very special time in anyone’s life and should be recognized by retirement gifts. For women, it means a lot to receive a gift on any occasion, and luckily, they are pretty […]

Family Reunion Committees: Everything You Need to Know

Planning a family reunion by yourself, especially really large family reunions, can be both difficult and lonely as you try to take on every single task on your own. Most of the time, it’s just not possible to do it by yourself and you will need a group of people, known as a committee, to […]

Bridal Shower Card Messages & Wishes

Birthday party - woman unwrap present, celebrating

Everyone knows that weddings necessitate special cards, but what about bridal showers? Bridal showers are a nice way to celebrate the bride before the wedding while showering her with gifts for the home and for the impending wedding. It’s a common misconception that a wedding is all about the bride; rather, it’s all about the […]

25 Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Happy senior couple in love sitting outside in a garden

It seems so rare these days that parents stick it out to the end, so each anniversary that comes and goes should really be cherished and showered with little anniversary gifts! For parents, it doesn’t take much for their kids to make them smile, so use your heart rather than wallet when picking the perfect […]

Top 10 Texas Family Reunion Destinations

Welcome To Texas Road Sign

Mix a little southern hospitality with a big chunk of your family, and what do you have? The perfect recipe for a Texas family reunion! When it comes to family reunion locations, Texas knows how to do it right, and then some! If you’ve ever heard the saying “everything is bigger in texas,” it is […]

25 Retirement Gifts for Men

Multi Generation Family Celebrating Birthday In Garden

With a loved one retiring, it’s a nice gesture to give them a gift, welcoming them to their new life. Many people find that they get pretty bored when they retire, so you will want to find something to inspire a hobby and keep them busy! Retirement gifts for men can seem like a tough […]

New Year’s Prayers and Blessings

Closeup portrait of a young caucasian woman praying, against abs

With the passing of every Christmas comes the turn of the New Year, are you ready for that number to go up once more? Some feel like nothing is really different, but a new year is a door to many new opportunities. Kick It Off With Prayer Saying a New Year prayer, whether it’s to […]