3 Lovely Thanksgiving Prayers for Family

Little girl saying grace with family before thanksgiving dinner

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound…of the oven timer going off letting you know the turkey is done! Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, have you thought about saying a Thanksgiving prayer? For family, it might already be a tradition whether it’s saying grace before dinner or a prayer at the conclusion of the wonderful family gathering. [...]

Thanksgiving Poems for Kids

Portrait of two cute girls sisters lying on the leaves at the au

Poems, poems are such much fun! Poems, poems for everyone! Every major holiday is poem-worthy, especially Thanksgiving! What better poems to recite before dinner or at the Thanksgiving gathering than Thanksgiving poems for kids? I just love hearing a sweet child’s voice read a poem aloud, and when it is a poem that they wrote [...]

Tips for Hosting a Thanksgiving Family Reunion

Family looking at the mother with a turkey plate for dinner

One of the greatest things to be thankful for is family, and what better way to give thanks than to gather everyone together for a Thanksgiving family reunion? Chances are, everyone has a group that they tend to spend it with every single year, those who they love that live nearby. It’s just not realistic [...]

How to Host a Family Reunion for $200

Big family grilling sausages at their village

Want to host a family reunion but have a hole in your pocket? Have no fear, Gathered Again is here! This is the hotspot for cheap family reunion ideas! The Steps You get to a point where Skype and Facebook just doesn’t cut it for interaction with your loved ones; nothing compares to having their [...]

Family Reunions: When Should You Have One?

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When is the best time to have a family reunion? It all depends on your family’s preferences, but feel free to use this as a guide to help you decide! Pros and Cons To Each Season When planning your family reunion, you’ll want to be sure to know about the ups and downs of every [...]

Fun Anti-Halloween Ideas for the Kids

Adorable Young Family Enjoys a Day at the Pumpkin Patch.

Halloween is a fun time for many kids, but not every child is able to enjoy it in the traditional sense. Whether it’s religious beliefs that cause you to to be anti-Halloween and stray away from the occasion, or the scary image it represents, or maybe that you feel your kids are too young to [...]

10 Sweet Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

Mother and daughter carving pumpkin

It’s October, and do you know what that means? Halloween! With Halloween just around the corner, do you have your plans set? The typical Halloween festivities consist of dressing up, going trick-or-treating, and going to a spooky halloween party, but these things are not always feasible for everyone. Some people wind up sick in the [...]

15 Best Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy excited kids in Halloween costumes

Halloween parties are the best, especially ones for families! Why? Because there is this awesome opportunity to have family costumes themed to your favorite movies or characters! It’s one thing to dress up on your own and go to a party, but if you show up with a group dressed with a common theme, it’s [...]